Review: Sweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg

Sweet CheeksSweet Cheeks by K. Bromberg

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

SQUEEEZZZ! I just finished the most romantic, beautiful love story and I’m a freaking mess … crying my eyes out with happy tears. This might just be my new favorite book of K. Bromberg. Sweet Cheeks is just that – the sweetest kind of second chance romance that will make you laugh, cry, and swoon. Saylor and Hayes’s love story is all too consuming, sweet, heartfelt, romantic — I’m in love.

Saylor and Hayes were childhood friends. Saylor went from the annoying little girl around Hayes and her brother to a beautiful, irresistible teenager Hayes could not resist. Saylor handed her whole heart and innocence away to Hayes and he stomped on it. My heart ache for her so badly. Hayes just left after high school without a trace. His reasons are complicated – one you have to read and find out for yourself – otherwise spoilers will ruin your reading experience.

Fast forward, 10 years later. Saylor is newly single having called off her wedding to a rich handsome man with an equally wealthy family. Her reasons are also multi-faceted. Saylor is happy following her dream of owning a bakery, Sweet Cheeks. Six months after her failed engagement, Saylor receives an invitation from her ex-fiancé inviting her to his wedding. What was a sensible girl to do? She answered Yes with a plus one. YIKES!!! What unfolds from there, you do not want to miss. That is the whole premise of the book (the time she spends with her plus one) and it was absolutely delicious. I completely fell in love with both main characters of this book. The heroine is sweet, kind, goofy, carefree, selfless, and passionate. She is a little wounded but still she is feisty and spirited. The hero? SWOONS … my new favorite book boyfriend. He made mistakes, yes, but the amount of groveling and his determination to win back a woman’s heart is enough for me to melt into a puddle — my heart overflowed with love and admiration. I can’t say enough about Hayes – he is a handsome and successful super star – but underneath all that he is so gentle and loving. He is a vulnerable man who is in love with a woman. A guy longing for forgiveness and love of a childhood crush. Let’s me say he REDEEMED himself in the most charming way — I just adore him!!!!

What do I like about this book? Beautiful cover, gorgeous writing, phenomenal characters. The love story is so unique, full of love and passion – the soulmate kind that you wish didn’t just exist in romance novels.

Sweet Cheeks is everything:
Angst – check
Passion – check
Humor – check
Emotional – check
Romance – check

PS: Saylor and Hayes takes cupcakes-making to a whole new level 🙂

This book is a MUST READ! It’s nothing like what K. Bromberg wrote in the past. She exhibited a very different and versatile side of her writing and I LOVED IT!!!!

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