Review: Royally Screwed by Emma Chase

Royally ScrewedRoyally Screwed by Emma Chase

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! This was the cutest, charming modern fairytale love story. Nicholas is a prince of Wessco and met commoner Olivia. Nicholas is royalty, and with that comes responsibility, legacy, and expectations. He is to be married to royalty and breed royal babies but Nicholas is not sure he is ready for that. Nicholas was sent to America by the Queen to hunt down and bring home his partying brother. On that fateful night, he met Olivia in her little café that she owns. Nicholas was a little tipsy and made Olivia an offer and let’s just say Olivia is less than impressed. When Nicholas sobered the next morning he was in a daze, but he definitely remembered the beautiful Olivia whom he had made an arse of himself in front of the night before. Nicholas is determined to make it right but what will happen when Olivia finds out who he really is? Will she ever fit in with the life and the responsibility of his world?

Royally Screwed is a funny, cute, charming, and a sexy read. It’s easy to fall in love with Emma Chase’s book – well written, thought out characters. Nicholas is funny, handsome, and uber sexy. Olivia is beautiful, hard-working, and a sweet angel. You can’t help but adore Olivia and her pie-baking skills. I love the cute storyline, the amazing chemistry between characters, the witty banters, and the whirlwind romance that takes your mind to a fantasy land. This is just one of those easy feel good stories – one that makes you laugh out loud, swoon, and forget the real life for a while. Can’t wait for Royally Matched – this one is about Nicholas’s brother Henry.
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