Review: The Girl Worth Fighting For by Julia Goda

The Girl Worth Fighting ForThe Girl Worth Fighting For (The Girl Series, # 2)
4.5 Stars

Whoa! Just finished this unbelievably heartfelt love story. I am not exactly sure which genre it is but this is more than a sport romance. Logan is a boxer who volunteers at a shelter where Rainey works as a social worker. The story focuses more on the life of Rainey – how she fights her past demons to find love and happiness again. Or course Cole plays a huge part as he is the hero who helps Rainey realize she is worth loving. He is the reason Rainey was able to find herself and heal after years of heartbreak.

“You stand your ground and fight for what you believe in with a passion I admire. And all of that comes from your heart. I wat in that heart, Rainey, and I want to stay there. Like you are in mine.”

It was love at first sight for Logan. When he first laid eyes on Rainey, he knew she was the one, but Rainey is a hard nut to crack. Rainey lives strictly by her rules which include never to date athletes, especially a boxer. Thus, she is not impressed with the sexy hot man who wants to take her on a date. What I like about Rainy is that even though she guarded, stubborn and she is reluctant to date Cole for good reason, but the push and pull does not seem overdone – Rainey does not come off hard to get but rather sweet, vulnerable and endearing. I admire Cole’s determination to fight for what he wants – not even Rainey’s rules will deter him from his plan. He’s got one goal in mind and that is to make Rainey his. The way Cole steamrolled Rainey to proclaim his love is actually super-HOT and funny. Cole is definitely all alpha but there is also something sweet and charming about him. He is caring, protective, and has a big heart. The author did a great job with the chemistry between these two characters – plenty of angst and explosive passion.

“I knew you were guarded before I took you on. I knew I’d have to fight my way in there. You don’t know this about me yet, but I’m not someone who gives up. I fight for what I want, even if the something I have to fight is the same thing I’m fight for.”

This book is told in a dual POV but a little different – first person for Rainey’s POV but third person for Cole’s POV which is new to me and it took a little bit getting used to. However, the story has a nice pace and flows smoothly from beginning to end. My only hiccup is that the reunion between Rainey and her father seems a bit rushed, especially when they were able to mend quickly after so much resentment and time past. This story also deals with some difficult issues including children being placed in foster care. Some parts had me all teary eyed. I always have a hard time reading about issues relating to children – it’s heartbreaking because you know it is true in real life.

Over all, this was a heartwarming read for me – beautiful characters, gorgeous writing. This story is about family, friendship, heartbreak, finding yourself, forgiveness, and of course LOVE and HOT passionate sex. This is a new author for me and I highly recommend his book ❤
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