Review: Managed by Kristen Callihan

ManagedManaged by Kristen Callihan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OH.MY.GOD Gabriel… You have got to know this hot man. I have been waiting a long time for Managed to come out and Ms. Kristen Callihan does not disappoint. I love Idol but this one exceed all my expectations. I started this book last night and devoured it in one sitting late into the night.

“I’m stuck net to the one afflicted with an apparently incurable case of verbal diarrhea.”
“Says the man who is socially constipated.”

Sophie and Gabriel first met on a plane enroute to London. Sophie thought she was lucky to have gotten an upgrade to first class. Little did she know her seatmate is a first class asshole who does not care for company, especially one with a chatty mouth like herself. Within the first few pages I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes. The witty banters between Sophie and Gabriel are top notch great writing. Sophie is like a tick that won’t go away which drives Gabriel off the wall. Gabriel is annoyed as Sophie becomes a distraction for him getting through the long flight. Sophie thinks she will never have to see Gabriel again so she decides to have a little fun with the cocky bastard. Well, not only does she see him again but it turns out he is one of her bosses. YIKES! So the fun begins with Sophie working and living in close quarters with Gabriel and the bands on tour.

“I will say the wrong words from time to time. And I will cock things up. That’s a given, unfortunately. But there will never, ever be a time when I do not love you or want you in my life.”

I have to say the author is brilliant in creating these extraordinarily complex characters. Gabriel is not just some hot sexy band manager in a suit. Yes, on the outside he exudes confidence and is a poised businessman. But if you read Idol, you understand a little bit about his past and what makes him the way he is – closed off, on the defensive, broken and constantly fighting his demons. Gabriel is uber loyal and loves the bandmates – they are his only family left so he will do anything to stop those that threaten the people he loves. Even with his bandmates he will not let anyone break through the tough façade. Sophie is completely opposite. She is goofy and chatty. She can’t help herself to say whatever is on her mind, even with her new brooding boss. Gabriel can’t fool her though – Sophie is smart and observant. She can see right through Gabriel for who he is – his fear, weakness, and faults. Slowly but surely, she breaks down layer after layer of his impenetrable walls.

It’s not hard to fall in love with these characters. Even though Sophie and Gabriel’s attraction to one another is undeniable, they start out as friends. Gabriel asks Sophie for a favor and he is respectful enough keep his distance even if it kills him in the process (they are literally stuck together in a confined space the whole time). Sophie values her job with the band – she also cares so much for Gabriel that she puts aside her needs and wants to really help him. It is really sweet. I think their love story is the perfect example of opposites attract -they complement and bring the best out in each other.

“In that moment, I am no longer Scottie or Gabriel, I am something more. I am home. Finally. At last. Forever.”

I am totally addicted to this author’s writing. Besides the hilarious banters, there was an incredibly heart-warming love story of a slightly broken man and the woman who helps heal him. It was a nice treat to also hear about all the other bandmates’ lives on tour. The way they poke and drive each other nuts is pretty hilarious. They are such a close knit family and there is something beautiful about that. I love that fact that this is not a typical rock star romance with sex, drug, alcohol. These guys have been there done that so now they are here to make good music and well … fall in love. YES!!! I really hope that Jax has his story. He is a sweetheart but seems fragile and in need someone in his life to love.

I highly recommend this book. I am in love with this VIP series and I cannot wait for what is next. MUST READ!!!! ❤

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