Review: J.C. and the Bijoux Jolis by Katy Regnery

J.C. and the Bijoux JolisJ.C. and the Bijoux Jolis by Katy Regnery

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Geez! I’m emotional again. Katy Regnery has a way of slaying you with her words and her stories… This one is another gem – I really fell in love with the Blueberry Lane, The Rousseaus series from Jonquils for Jax, Marry me Mad, and now JC and The Bijoux Jolis. Each one I thought was my favorite and Katy proves me wrong every time. These stories are ALL unique and beautiful in their own way.

This particular story, though I felt like I was reading a classic. There is something so stunningly beautiful about this book. The storyline itself is classic – 70 years of history, past and present collide. JC and Libitz’s love story is something rare. The once in a lifetime soulmates, meant to be kind of love. When you first start reading, though, it does not seem like it. We have JC… he is the manwhore best man at his younger brother’s wedding. He has one thing in mind and that is to bed a woman at the end of the night. Then there is a spitfire, barely 5-foot-tall Libitz, who he wrongly propositioned. She knows JC’s number well. Not even a handsome look, the sexy smile, and the sweet talk will soften her resolve. So the challenge is accepted and let the chase begin, right? Yes, all that deliciousness happens but there is something deeper about this love story.

JC is the oldest of four – he has always been the protector of his younger siblings. Part of that is related to his douche bag father and covering up for his slutty ways. Unfortunately for JC – his view of love, relationship and commitment is more than a little jaded. He needs someone who will show him that love is patient, love is kind, and love is worth the risk. That person happens to be Libitz – the opposite of what JC thinks he is attracted to. She feisty, smart, fun and will not settle or take shit from anyone. She completely annoys JC but eventually gets under his skin and won’t leave. The chemistry between them is seriously scorching hot. Katy makes you suffer with angst almost until the end but when it happens – Lord! It was panty dropping, mouth-watering, explosive kind of hot. Totally wicked and so worth the wait.

I really adore both these characters. They are independent, strong, smart, sexy, sweet … all you ever wanted in the hero and heroine. JC is a bit broken but Libitz sees something in him that no one does – she gives him friendship, trust, and her heart. In a way, Libitz saves him – she shows him that true love does exist – with a little commitment and a little work, anything is possible. Katy’s writing is superb, as per usual. The banters are hilarious – wicked and sexy as hell. The interaction between JC and Libitz is flirty, sweet, and fun – a perfect definition of foreplay I think. Then the story behind the painting and the history emerges between these two and made me cry. I don’t want to spoil the plot for you but believe me when I say that it was one UNIQUE plot!

Each of the books in this Blueberry series was a short read but there is something exquisite about each of them. There is no rush, no cliffhanger, nothing overly complicated. This one is a simply gorgeous, fun, sweet love story with a little mystery solving – just a fantastic read.

One last thing, I hope Neil has a book. He seems to be such a good, steady, caring, sweet guy. He might have said some harsh words but I think it’s human nature to react when you are hurt. So, I hope he has his own love story and a happy ending.

Highly recommended! One of my favorite series. LOVED it! ❤
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