Review: Major Love by Kate Stewart

Major LoveMajor Love by Kate Stewart

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Well, what can I say. Major Love is another romantic, mouthwatering, sexy, hear-warming sport romance. Another masterpiece by Kate Stewart. I LOVE all her stories and she never disappoints.

Andy met April for the first time at his all-time low, having had his heart stomped on and thrown away. Andy swore off women and love for good. At his best friends’ wedding Andy was wasted and spilled his heart to April, kissed her, and made her promise him to guard her heart. “Give that big heart to a man who deserves it, okay? Make him earn it, make him earn you.” All sounds sweet, right? Except the next day Andy had no recollection of the night prior. April does. She saw the real Andy and she might have fallen in love with him that night. But the everyday Andy is not the same – he is cynical, afraid of commitment, and the only thing he can offer April is a hard fuck and maybe friendship.
I really like April. She is strong and not willing to accept Andy’s offer, as she made a promise to him. She is willing to hold out for the man she knows Andy can be. April becomes a friend Andy desperately needs, but how long can they fight each other’s attraction that’s been simmering since the day they met?

It’s not hard to fall in love with Kate’s story and characters. April is independent, sweet and sexy. She has a big heart and has also been hurt. April helps to take care of 9 nieces, nephews and everyone except herself. April’s relationship falls apart because her boyfriend is no longer supportive of her putting everyone else’s needs first. So, 15 years of friendship and history are out the window. April is not keen on jumping into Andy’s bed because deep down she is a romantic. She wants it all and that would require breaking down Andy’s wall piece by piece. I love how Andy and April’s relationship starts out as friends, then slowly blossoms into something beautiful. There is angst, lots of flirting, and of course explosive passionate love making. Their love story is sexy, sweet, fun and filled with turbulence. Both are plagued by insecurity and trust issues as they have been hurt and betrayed in past relationships. But a lasting relationship takes work and I think that makes Andy and April’s story real and heartfelt.

Major Love is a superb – hilarious, sexy sport romance. I love Kate’s magnificent way of story-telling – she always manages to make me laugh, cry and swoon. This love story is beautiful and melted my heart. I love everything about this book. – the cover is gorgeous, the romance sexy, heart-warming and intense. I was highly entertained. I am a big fan of Kate’s book and she delivers time and time again. Sometimes, you are lucky to find an author that you just get and Kate is that person for me. I get her writing, her humor, her love for sport, and her fantastic stories. I love it and I hope you do too. ENJOY!!!

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