Review: Blow by Heidi McLaughlin

BlowBlow by Heidi McLaughlin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Bodhi has it all – stardom, money, success and girls dying to touch him. He is surrounded by parties, alcohol, drugs, and not so good friends. Slowly, he spirals out of control and eventually hits rock bottom. When Bodhi’s manager finds out about his bad behavior, she forces him to take a sabbatical from music to get help, saying he might lose his spot on the boy band Virtuous Paradox. Bodhi reluctantly goes to rehab but what he did not expect was to meet a beautiful guardian angel who just might be his healer. She happens to be the daughter of the owner and is assigned to assist Bodhi throughout his rehab. The chemistry between Bodhi and Kimberly is undeniable – it’s love at first sight for these two. Kim can see though Bodhi’s façade. She understands his demons and is determined to take care of him. Bodhi knows Kim is the one as he first lays eyes on her. He knows he needs to better himself, but also if he has any hope of winning Kim over he has to deserve her love.

I love Heidi’s gorgeous writing so it was a no brainer for me to pick up this book. This book deals with very difficult issues of addiction and I think the author did a good job of portraying how an addict thinks and the difficult road to recovery. However, I have a little bit of difficulty connecting with the heroine Kim. She seems to be a caring person but I did not agree with the fact that they get together so soon. It was definitely insta-love for them and the chemistry is sizzling. Nonetheless, I feel that Bodhi needs to focus on rehab and starting a new relationship is a distraction. Also, it did not bode well with me when Kim suggested Bodhi lie to the good doctor so they can get a private room and spend the night together. Anyway, this is just my opinion – I am sure looking at the other side of the coin; it was romantic what they go through to spend time with each other and sometimes you just can choose how you feel.

Overall, I think there is definitely a good storyline here – a fallen rock star dealing with addiction and meeting an angel who ended up saving him. I am just a sucker for angsty romance and ones that make me cry. On that note, I think Blow is a heartfelt story of finding yourself and redemption for Bodhi. It’s about finding love when you least expect it. The relationship between Bodhi and Kim is a bit taboo but there is something also HOT about that. The chemistry is definitely sizzling and there is no shortage of passion and sexy time. Blow was a fast easy read, low drama, low angst, plenty of passion and a sweet romance.

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