Review: Lucian Divine by Renee Carlino

Lucian DivineLucian Divine by Renee Carlino

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

5 Stars!!!

“This book is about faith, love, the unknown, and not taking ourselves so damn seriously all the time.”

This book came to me at the perfect time. I’ve was feeling a little out touch with people, and truth be told, I’ve been a little despondent. So when this little gem landed in my kindle, it lit up my day. I trust Renee to give me a story that always lifts my spirits and this book did exactly that. This book is unique. It’s got a little bit of religion, spiritual elements, love, humor, faith, and fantasy…so basically it’s a beautiful book that inspires hope. Something I need these days.

So we have Evelyn Casey who is living her life, doing all the things a twenty something year old does. Then one day she meets a mysterious yet captivating man who reveals he’s her guardian angel. He’s totally ridiculous, he’s a drunk, and he’s in love with her. Evey doesn’t stand a chance to this gorgeous, angelic drunkard. Evey and Lucian break the rules for love, but there are consequences to their actions. Can Lucian and Evelyn defy God and the plan that was set out for them?
This story really goes on the limb by incorporating many concepts about God, faith, heaven, angels, and what happens when we die. I found it quite hilarious and satirical, but overall, it gave me a feeling of hope about the unknown. Do we have guardian angels? Do we become angels when we die? Are there such things as soul mates?

“I’m not human. I don’t sleep—I can’t. I wish I could because you bore me to tears and I have to watch over you.”

First off, I loved Lucian. He has this sarcastic humor that I just got. He’s probably the worst Angel I have ever read…quite terrible at his job and has an alcohol addiction. He obviously needs more to his Angel life. I loved him and I loved how inherently good he is…well, he’s an angel so I suppose I should expect nothing less. But his character really was very human. Although an angel, he was very flawed, but also full of kindness and love. The depth to which he loves Evey is beyond words. It’s all consuming and very palpable. SWOON.

I would describe the love between Lucian and Evey a contemporary romance with some magic and faith. Both Evey and Lucian jump in feet first and never look back. They are devoted to each other and so sure of their love that they risk it all. The story has a good amount dedicated to portraying their everyday life, how they are a normal couple. Their relationship was ordinary with ups and downs, but their love was extraordinary; it was real and deep.

“When we lie, there are consequences here on Earth with the humans we love.”

I was on edge at about 50% of the book. I knew there would be consequences to their defiance, but I was scared and I wanted God to just forgive. No spoiler, but let’s just say in the end, I feel hopeful that God does value love above all else and that our greatest gifts is our ability to love.
Overall, this book delivers on so many levels. It questions but also reaffirms faiths. It makes you love harder and sends a hopeful message. It’ll make you laugh and think about how silly life can be and how hard it can be. I think this is a must read! Happy reading!
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