Review: Divine Desire by Audrey Carlan

Divine DesireDivine Desire by Audrey Carlan

My rating:  4.5 dazzling Stars

HOLY HOTNESS!!! Whoa, this book is one hot tamale you guys. When I read the blurb at the end of Sacred Serenity, I was so excited Mila and Atlas would have their own story. Of course Audrey Carlan DELIVERED! This book is seriously HOT and also full of passion, heart, and a gorgeous love story. You do not want to miss this.

Mila is a yoga instructor by day and an artist by night. Her dream is to show her art and open an art studio someday. It’s hard to find someone who will appreciate her art for what it is … and what is it? It’s naked hotness. Oooh! I really appreciate her art … like A LOT! Mila was asked to attend a new yoga class by none other than the new sexy instructor Atlas and report back to the studio owners. What she did not realize is that Atlas teaches a very controversial and erotic form of yoga. What did Mila get herself into???

Atlas is also a struggling artist. He teaches yoga but his big dream is to write and perform beautiful music. He performs at his friend’s bar at night, hoping to be discovered, but he has not had much luck and unfortunately time is running out. He will have to give up his dream soon if he cannot find a label company that will give him a contract. Mila and Atlas are more alike than they realize but together they are like fire and hot oil which makes for a very angsty, passionate romance. I adore these two main characters. Mila is a spitfire. She does not do complicated relationships – more of a hit it and quit it attitude. But when she met Atlas everything seems to change. Atlas is an all sexy, alpha, hot musician. I dig the curly hair by the way. Atlas is not usually a commitment type either but there is something about Mila that he cannot help but to claim as his own. Mila and Atlas are both relationship virgins and have never been in love (how cute is that right?). So for these two it’s trial and error and lots of ups and downs. They fight constantly but they have “normal sex” afterwards, which is always fun There is a reason for their turbulent relationship though. Mila and Atlas both have painful pasts that make them gun shy of having deep connections with someone for fear of abandonment. They both need to deal with and lean on each other if they ever want a chance at a true relationship, romance, and love.

So the erotic and smoking hot sex scenes? Audrey Carlan’s GOT IT DOWN. I love Mila and Atlas – their love story is passionate, super steamy and sensual. It’s also so sweet which sure melted my heart. Audrey’s writing is gorgeous as always. Fun, witty banters and beautiful storytelling in between – I devoured this baby in one sitting. Sexy, steamy hot, heartfelt, sweet, fun – MUST READ!

Lastly, I am super excited Moe will have her own story next with the mysterious Clayton.

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