Review: Vulnerable Pieces by Allie Able

Vulnerable PiecesVulnerable Pieces by Allie Able

Beautiful read – 4.5 Stars

Whoa!!!! Just finished a beautiful love story of Jenna and Parker. This marks the ending of the Cape Isle series. It’s bittersweet but I can’t wait to see what the author will write next.

Parker is a sexy, handsome, Brainiac which goes well with his impeccable suit. He is a successful lawyer but is also well off because he created a private investigator app that set him up for life. Parker was able to open a lawyer firm in his home town right after graduation. What I like about Parker is that he is humble with all his success. He is down to earth, caring, loving, and just a nice guy.

Jenna works at a bakery. She is a bit of a hard head, independent, strong – for a good reason though. She escaped an abusive relationship and moved to Cape Isle to start fresh. She vows not to depend on a man ever again. Jenna mostly keeps to herself. She does not date and is not interested in a relationship. When Jenna and Parker meet, their chemistry is instant. They are attracted to each other but dance around quite a bit. Jenna does not want to complicate her life and Parker seems like trouble (in a hot way ). Jenna and Parker come to an arrangement at first – one that would satisfy both physically, with no strings attached. Parker however, slowly starts to fall for Jenna. He will need to work hard because Jenna is not only hard to read but she has her walls up high. It will take a lot of trust for Jenna to open up and give love a chance. Life doesn’t always work out the way you plan though – Jenna and Parker have to deal with a tremendous heart break and their lives are forever changed.

I adore Parker. He is a sweet guy, caring and would do anything for the one he loves. I mean the guy is persistent and has so much patience even when Jenna pushes him away hard. He is determined to stick around. I have a harder time with Jenna – everyone manifests hurt differently but I wish she was more supportive of Parker because he too was heart-broken.  I was sad the story ended – I would have loved a little more of Jenna and Parker when she finally came around and their life after that. But all good thing comes to an end right? 🙂 I am really happy with the epilogue knowing that they are alright and life goes on.

Vulnerable Pieces was beautifully written. It’s a story of heartache, love, loss, forgiveness and new beginnings. You can tell it’s a difficult subject for the author and she put her heart and soul into writing Jenna and Parker’s story. I think Vulnerable Pieces is an amazing ending to a great series.

“That may make me sound pathetic and I now I shouldn’t want you so badly. You’re a f**k*ng hurricane baby, but it just so happens that I love it when it storms.”
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