Review: Hit the Spot by J. Daniels.

Hit the SpotHit the Spot by J. Daniels

My rating: 4.5 Stars

WHOA! that was some whirlwind intense romance. In a very good way though. I have heard so much about Four Letter Word and have it on my kindle but I haven’t had a chance to read it yet. Hit the Spot came out so I decided to read this first – it was awesome. I will definitely go back and read the first book now.

This one is about Tori and Jamie. Jamie is a surfing bum – well, a super-hot bum. From the very first chapter Jamie made me laugh. He has such a vibrant personality. Jamie came in the restaurant spewing his dirty words toward Tori – the poor girl did not have a chance. The only thing that impressed Tori was his first smile at her — when Jamie opens his mouth she despises him. Tori thinks he is arrogant and rude, especially when he seems to think she is a forgone case. Jamie is sexy, confident. What he wants he GETS, no questions – women flock to him like the waves he rides in the ocean. But Tori is different and he is going to have to work for her this time.

I like Jamie. He comes off arrogant with a filthy mouth but deep down he is pretty sweet and swoony. Tori is beautiful, sexy, witty and has a sharp tongue. I only have a hard time with her because she is so stubborn at the beginning and once they are an item she seems a bit possessive and stakes a claim excessively. I also did not like what she did to help drive him away (without given spoilers) for 9 months – that was totally gross!!! But overall, I like that Tori’s strong, smart and outgoing. Once she falls for someone that’s it for her. Tori was deeply hurt in her past relationship; thus it was a bit hard for her to open her heart again. Jamie… well he is persistent and in a way he is charming, even with all the dirty talk and the alpha tendencies. Sometimes, I just dig a guy that is confident and goes after what he wants.

This book was definitely entertaining, fun read for me. I enjoyed the hilarious banters, the heat, and the flirty bickering between Jamie and Tori and of course some delicious steamy hot sex scenes. Intense enemy to lover romance. Love it!
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