Review: Hooked by Brenda Rothert!

HookedHooked by Brenda Rothert

My rating: 4.5 Stars

Whoa! This was such a fun, sweet, heartwarming, romantic read. I was “hooked” from beginning ‘til the end. Devoured in one sitting – what a perfect enjoyable weekend read.

Miranda – working 2 jobs trying to put herself though college for a business degree. She shares a tiny apartment with her sister who is also trying to put herself through vet school. Miranda cleans at a high end hotel where Jake is staying for the next 6 months while his apartment is being renovated.

Jake is an NHL player – rich, handsome, sexy and popular. A player who does not have time for relationships but finds himself intrigued by the particular beautiful maid with a smart mouth and sassy attitude. Jake fooled me though – Jake is a much more complex character than he appears to be. Jake has a chip on his shoulder and has been carrying the guilt and pain from his past that he kept bury deep down. That is part of the reason he cannot open his heart or allow himself to love or be loved. I really feel for Jake and he made me all teary eyes several times because behind the playboy cocky façade, Jake is such a gentle soul, sweet, generous, and caring. Totally swoony!!!!

I also adore Miranda. She is a hard worker, independent, smart. She has a big heart, beautiful and is not afraid to speak her mind. I like that she is not quick to fall into Jake’s bed and I think that is the reason Jake finds her refreshing. Before Jake could make his moves though, he was tricked and groped into doing something he despises to appease the owner and stay on the team. Miranda had some unpleasant experience with past relationship so she is not keen on people who are untrustworthy. What happens when she finds out Jake’s little secret and she feels betrayed? Will she be able to forgive and trust Jake again?

I really love this story – sweet, sexy, heartfelt read. I enjoyed the witty hilarious banters, the angst, the chemistry, and undeniable connection between Miranda and Jake. The characters are so likable, real, and just lovable people. I hoping Miranda’s sister will have a story. She seems to be smart, funny, and kind of unlucky in love at the moment… crossing my fingers!!!!

Sport romance is one of my favorite genres and Hooked is on top of that list. Highly recommended!
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