Review: Naughty Boss by Whitney G.

Naughty BossNaughty Boss by Whitney G.

My rating: *** 5 Naughty STARSs ***

HOLY SHIT BALLS! The blurb …. I was gasping for air. Actually, the whole book was like sitting on the edge of a cliff – at any moment I feel I am going to fall… the anticipation, the angst … Michael Leighton – CEO of Leighton Publishing company is the rudest boss ever. He also has a not so stellar reputation with his “extracurricular activities” outside the office – bedding half of Manhattan’s women and throwing them out without a second glance. Mya London is his latest assistant … not only is she beautiful, she has a brain and a sassy mouth that can keep up with the new naughty boss. She hates her boss but is also having dirty fantasies about him on a regular basis. Michael treats Mya like crap but half the time he looks like he wants to eat her for lunch. Damn, the chemistry between Michael and Mya is super steamy. I love all the funny emails, especially the ones that were sent to the wrong address. That SHIT was hilarious 🙂 🙂
The chemistry, the flirting, the push and pull and finally the hot tamale sex is absolutely panty-melting hot. Naughty Boss was such an enjoyable, entertaining read. If you are looking for an office romance with a bad boy alpha boss and a sassy assistant, which is fun, sexy, sweet – this is the book for you. TOO GOOD!!!
GAHHH! Just read it. I am a sucker for Whitney’s writing. I devoured it and I want more!!! 🙂

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