Review: It’s You by Katy Regency

It's YouIt’s You by Katy Regnery

My rating: *** 5 howling STARS *** 🙂

Okay! I have a confession – I am a paranormal book virgin who has never been brave enough to try this genre until now. Katy Regnery’s It’s You is my first and oh my! What an amazing first!!! She might have changed my mind completely, brought me out of my shell and I am freaking hooked by this story. But I am going to kill her because WHERE IS BOOK two? I NEED IT NOW!

I am not sure how I’m going to write a spoiler free review of this book :/ … It’s You is a love story between Jack and Darcy. Their romance began when they first met as teenagers in high school. Jack was two years older. During that last summer before he graduates they were in a play together. Jack was attracted to Darcy but he tried his hardest to stay away. Deep down he knows he is not good for her. With the exception of a few stolen glances from a distance, light touches in passing and only speaking whole on stage, Jack was successful for the most part in resisting temptation. The night before the final show Jack broke – he kissed Darcy and they were forever bound. Darcy has been crushing over the brooding Jack ever since she laid eyes on him but she thought he was not interested. So, after that scorching hot kiss, she was over the moon happy. Unfortunately, it was short lived. The next day, Jack disappeared without a trace. Two decades later, Darcy saw Jack again for the first time at her cousins wedding as a family guest. It was like no time passed – all her feelings for Jack came back in a rush. She moved on but never forgot about him. Darcy was confused, angry, hurt … so many unanswered questions as to Jack’s whereabouts all these years. Jack had broken her heart and she wanted answers. She wants the truth but can she handle the truth? Well, you have to read and find out.

The characters – can’t really talk about their secrets and talents without spoilers . The chemistry between Jack and Darcy is undeniably sexy and steamy. Twenty years in between? No problem! Everything about them screams desire and passion. The kiss, the sex, the flirting, the love, even the fights … all very consuming. Jack is all alpha, protective but also so sweet and swoony. Darcy is smart and beautiful – inside and out. I feel a bit heartbroken that she was left behind, sad, confused … so much time lost. She finally got some clarity but has a difficult road ahead.

The plot – it’s paranormal but a love story at heart and obviously something I have never read before. I have a feeling the storyline is unique even for this genre. I wonder how Katy came up with the concept for this plot in the first place (legend, bound, going inside etc.). It is so far away from what people imagine exists. I would think it is based on some realistic concept in ancient past? I need to do some research myself because I am that intrigued. Is it real? Probably not. Is it believable? Absolutely.

Here is thing – Katy’s writing is like a drug to me. Combined with a unique storyline – you will be addicted to this drug too my friend. Katy is brilliant at storytelling… she will reel you in and keep you turning the page until it is done. I have read most of Katy’s books. She is a very versatile writer. She can write virtually anything, any genre, making me a goner.

So this book is a paranormal but it’s a love story and since I am a believer in spirits, legends and all that jazz, some parts are not that unreal to me. Maybe I am crazy to think that? Maybe Katy is just a genius at twisting my mind? I am not sure but I think it’s a ladder 🙂

Book #1 ends in a cliffhanger – I am dying for the grand finale. I think it will be EPIC!!!

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