Review: Finding Kyle by Sawyer Bennett

Finding KyleFinding Kyle by Sawyer Bennett

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ohmigosh! I think I might have suffered from a case of a woman crush. Jane is quite possibly my favorite heroine /book girlfriend 🙂

Kyle Sommerville, an undercover agent who is in a world of trouble. Kyle is refusing to enter the witness protection program of the feds, so he is hiding on his own in the sleepy town of Misty Harbor, Maine. Kyle tends to the Gray Birch Lighthouse, tries to blend in, lay low and count the days until he can get out of dodge. Kyle knows his stay is temporary so he has no intention of making new friends. Unluckily though, Jane his next door neighbor is having none of it. She is determined to get to know her sexy, mysterious broody neighbor. I absolutely adore Jane. She is beautiful, quirky, sweet, funny, thoughtful, and a little nutty. Kyle tries hard to resist Jane, even tries to scare her off with his surly and brass attitude, but in vain. Jane is persistent and she manages to wiggle her way into Kyle’s life and his heart in the way of baked goods and quoting movie lines.
All is well until Kyle’s terrible past is exposed. Jane realizes just how many secrets Kyle kept from her. Can she forgive Kyle for what he has done?

I really enjoyed the relationship between Jane and Kyle – fun, sweet, flirty nemesis friends to lovers. They are the perfect example of opposites attract and together they were explosive. I am very familiar with Sawyer Bennett’s erotic romance but this story here is a whole new level of sexiness – it’s the sweet swoony, melt your heart kind of romance. I also love that the story is solely focused on the main two characters with very little distraction from secondary characters. Although I am very intrigued by Jane’s best friend Miranda – she seems like a fun, hardworking, loyal friend. But what I love most is that this book is not only a love story but is also about a man’s journey to find peace and redemption. Kyle made a great sacrifice with his life for a greater good. At times his hands were dirty in blood. Kyle carries the guilt within him and thinks he deserves penance. Jane knows the real Kyle and she sees the best in him – she understands that Kyle needs to forgive himself in order to move on with his life and this makes her my favorite book heroine.

This book is told in dual POV – my favorite. I am a fan of Sawyer and she hit it out of the park again with this book – fun and sexy, with touch of drama. The writing is flawless and will captivate your attention the whole way. LOVED it!
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