Review: Home Run by Heidi McLaughlin

Home RunHome Run by Heidi McLaughlin

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Home Run is the second book of the baseball series. Cooper is a rookie for the Renegades. After putting off baseball to pursue a college degree, he finally got his chance to play in the major leagues. His goal is to focus on the summer training and prove himself to the team. While with the team volunteering at the local zoo he met Ainsley and there is something about her that caught his attention immediately. Ainsley’s love is with the animals. Aside from working at the zoo, Ainsley spends her time taking care of her sick mother. Ainsley can’t afford any distraction especially a hot athlete that is just here for the summer. But there is something about Cooper’s smile that captures her heart too. With the stress looming over Cooper and Ainsley’s past, they both need to put each other first in order to find happiness.

I like Ainsley – she is beautiful, loving, and has a big heart. I’ve got to be honest though, I was a bit frustrated with Ainsley because she kept pushing him away and did not give Cooper a chance to prove himself. Once Cooper pulled away she then runs after him. I thought their timing was a bit off. I also did not understand why her mother kept a secret that big from her only daughter for so long. I love Cooper though. He is patient, works hard and is a nice guy. Although, I also want to whack in him in the head for letting his father influence his decision too much. I thought the chemistry between Cooper and Ainsley was pretty sexy and sensual – You can feel the attraction sizzling from the beginning. I like how the story developed – how the relationship is slow at first, with Cooper being the perfect gentleman, then turns into something hot and fierce I also love the beautiful ending 20% of the book – Ainsley comes around and Cooper is as sweet as ever as they build a family and a life together.

Overall Home Run was a sweet sport romance, low on drama, just enough baseball talk (I don’t understand baseball so that’s perfect), hilarious interactions between Cooper’s teammates, and of course the explosive sexy romance.
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