Review: Good Boy by Sarina Bowen and Elle Kennedy

Good BoyGood Boy by Sarina Bowen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cheezus!!! This book is so freaking cute and funny (I am totally adopting this word in my vocab) 🙂 . The warning was totally legit guys. Thank God I was reading this in my warm bed because I was snorting snot on more than one occasion.

If you read HIM and US you know the love story between Wes and Jamie. This book is about Jamie’s sister Jess and Wes’s hockey teammate Blake. For those who are a big fan of Jamie and Wes, you will get to see more of them in this book as Jess is planning their wedding. I LOVE HIM and US (my first M/M book) so I recommend you read that too to get the back story but Good Boy is a standalone.

Jess is the youngest of four siblings. She thinks she is the less accomplished since she has not found her niche at the age of 26. After taking care of Jamie in the hospital she had the epiphany that she should be a nurse. So she went back to nursing school and it happens to be in Toronto where Blake is playing hockey. But first she has one last stint left and that is planning her brother Jamie and Wes’s wedding. I was so happy to see more of those two love birds at the beginning of this book. So freaking sweet – I had tears in my eyes. After the wedding and a very panty dropping hot encounter with her nemesis Blake, Jess packed her bag and moved to Toronto. She is determined to focus on nursing school… the last person she wants to be hanging around with is Blake, the manwhore of the team. The problem is she already had a taste of him twice before and he was quite yummy. It will be hard for Jess to resist him, not to mention Blake’s bulldozer, won’t take no for an answer way, his lack of brain to mouth filter or courtesy for personal space.

I love Jess. She is super fun, easy going, non-clingy and not a gold digger or a fame seeker like the women Blake is used to. She could care less that Blake is a hot popular hockey player. Most of the time he is just a thorn in her side that won’t go away. Blake, I adore and swoon over this guy. From the outside, he comes off as a goofy, comical man-child who cannot take anything seriously. But gosh, does Blake have a big heart and when he falls, he falls hard.

I adore Blake and Jess together. The banters, the chase, the flirting, the sex – everything is fun, sweet and sexy with them. They are like a real couple with real issues – a bit goofy and nutty but both are dealing with the stress of school and jobs. But together they make it work. Sarina and Elle totally scored again with Good Boy – hilarious, light-hearted, mouth-watering sexy, well written romcom/sport romance. LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!
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