Review: Big Shot by Carly Phillips & Erika Wilde

Big Shot
Big Shot by Carly Phillips and Erika Wilde

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Well, this was rather a fun, entertaining, quick read. Perfect for the end of a long week at work.

Wes and Natalie’s brother Connor were best friends. The three have known each other since childhood. Wes is a heart-breaker, bad boy and he was supposed to stay away from his best friend’s sister. She is off limits. Wes was doing a great job at staying away — he refuses to hire Natalie to work at his Premier Realty. His reason is to not mix business with family … or is it? Natalie ends up working for another company. Wes and Natalie are both competitive and she seems to kick his ass in sales. But instead of congratulating his nemesis, Wes made a bet with Natalie – loser of the next sale will be at Wes’s beck and call for 2 weeks… hmm I smell trouble You can guess who won that bet right? What happens after the two weeks is over?

I really like Wes – bad boy or not he is super sweet. He helped Natalie face her fears and takes care of her when she is sick – MY SWOONY HERO . He has his reasons for acting like a man-whore… he has commitment phobia but Natalie is quickly changing his views on relationships. Wes is all alpha and demanding of his “servant” which is super HOT!!! Get ready for some sizzling, panty-dropping scenes. I also like Natalie’s personality. She is sassy, fun and smart. The scene where she was acting like a “perfect little servant” at the boys poker game made me laugh so hard
I especially love the hilarious banters between those two. Their relationship comes naturally. I think it is because they know each other and are comfortable around each other. The way they are crushing on each other, the flirting and the sex scenes are all ridiculously EROTIC.

Big Shot is a fun, sexy, lighthearted read. I adore both characters. The chemistry between them is smoking hot – I can feel the sparks fly from my kindle . Nothing too ansgty, just a beautiful, heart-warming love story with a HEA.

Can’t wait to read more of the Book Boyfriend’s series from this talented duo authors.
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