Review: Offensive Rebound: Holding Court by M.J. Fields

Offensive Rebound: Holding Court
Offensive Rebound: Holding Court by M.J. Fields

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

New sexy sport romance ALERT!!!! This book is addictive and will keep you hooked from beginning until the end. One hard-ass basketball player, a smart mouthed team owner, and a little girl. Their story will pull at your heart strings a little bit.

Trae retired from professional basketball so he could be close to his daughter. One phone call from the coach and his life is about to change. Trae has a beef to settle with his teammate who happened to be the new owner’s ex-fiancé. Can you smell trouble? Courtney’s father passed away and left her not a nice car or jewelry but the Seattle Stallions and a bunch of testosterone men to manage. Between her cheating fiancé the last thing she needs is to manage him and his teammates. Add in the cocky, dirty mouthed, alpha Trae and she’s got more than she can handle. But Courtney is no push-over. She may be a beautiful, sexy woman but she can handle her own. Trae and Courtney are attracted to each other from the start but was it just a revenge game for Trae? Courtney wants to keep work professional but can she resist temptation? One drunken night in Vegas and their life changed. You know they saying – Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas right?

Offensive Rebound is a super sexy passionate romance full of angst, sexual tension and oh let’s not forget Trae’s mouth. That man can dirty talk like no other!!! That brings me to the banters – great dialogues, dirty and hot. Between those two? WHOA!!! Panty-dropping worthy. Besides all the hotness, there is an element of sweetness and vulnerability surrounding Trae’s daughter too that really touches my heart – there is a twist there that I did not expect at all. I love both characters in this book. Courtney is strong and independent yet sweet and lovable. Trae is all alpha, tough with a dirty mouth but deep down he is a softy who adores his daughter. Both are real and likeable characters. I was rooting for them and I am so glad they got their HEA. Highly recommended!

MJ Fields has become one of my favorite authors. I am addicted since 27 Truths and 27 Lies. Love her writing – flows so nicely from beginning until the end and the stories always get you hooked until the last page.
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