Review: The Room Mate by Kendall Ryan

The Room Mate
The Room Mate by Kendall Ryan

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy shit balls! This book is everything I could have asked for – sweet, sexy, angst, flirty, romance, a touch of drama … everything is PERFECTION! Beautiful friends turned lovers romance.

So, Cannon’s life is complicated. Nasty break up with an ex looney. Cannon swore off women, opted for one-night stands to satisfy his itch until the day he skips town. He’s got 2 months left of medical school before moving away to residency but he gets kicked out of his apartment and needs a place to crash short term. Cannon’s big sister to the rescue – she set him up to stay at her best friend’s Paige teeny apartment. Problem is Cannon has crushed on Paige ever since his puberty years except now Paige isn’t a teenager anymore – she turned into a beautiful swan. Cannon can’t be distracted but can he resist his new sexy roommate?

Paige hasn’t had much luck with men. She is happily married to work, her cute little dog Enchilada and coming home to her sanctuary tiny apartment at night. But thanks to her BFF Allie, Paige’s life is about to get interesting when Allie practically guilts her into taking in her little brother Cannon. Surprise!!!! The person that shows up at her apartment is not a geek, or the annoying little bother she remembers, but instead a masculine, sexy, six-foot hot piece of man (soon turning doctor) standing at her front door. You think that’s impressive? Wait until you find out what he is packing … I leave that thought to your own imagination

This book is delicious guys – full of flirty exchanges and sexual tension between Cannon and Paige. The chemistry and attraction is vibrating, off the charts but their relationship is complicated. Cannon isn’t looking for anything serious and he also does not want to interfere with Paige and Allie’s relationship. Paige is attractive to Cannon but she is best friends to Cannon’s sister and maybe there is some code to crossing that line. Cannon is confident, sexy, cocky, has a dirty mouth but deep down he is caring and has a big heart. I totally swooned over this hero. I also adore Paige – she is beautiful, sweet, fun, and a little quirky. I laughed so hard because she kept getting herself into totally awkward but hilarious situations. Paige wanted to prove Cannon’s theory of “women fall in love with me after one hot night” wrong. She agrees to test out his theory. Who is wrong after one night of hot sex? Actually it was two nights since the first was rudely interrupted . Will Cannon and Paige make lemonade and live HEA?

This book is gorgeous – has all the feels you want – entertaining, funny, sexy, swoony, a bit ansty and a touch of drama. Over all, I adore the characters, the incredible chemistry, the flirty banters, the beautiful touching romance. The writing – simply flawless Ms. Ryan.
Read in one sitting – could not put it down for the life of me. I WANT MORE!!!
The Playmate is coming in March. Cannot wait ❤
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