Review: A Thousand Letters by Staci Hart

A Thousand LettersA Thousand Letters by Staci Hart

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This is a beautiful, emotional second chance romance with little light-hearted moments in between so get yourself mentally ready.

Wade and Elliot were high school sweethearts. Wade was a year older so after high school he plans to join the army while Elliot finishes up her senior year. At the last moment Wade changes his mind – he decides that he does not want to live a day without her so he begs Elliot to get married and move away with him. Elliot is not ready plus her family is selfish and are not very supportive of her decision. Wade and Elliot painfully part ways. Elliot writes Wade a thousand letters but they go unanswered.

Seven years later, Wade receives devastating news that his father is dying so he makes his way home from Germany. Meanwhile Elliot is still in town – she is close with Wade’s family so she steps up and takes care of Wade’s sister and father. They are forced to see each other again under difficult circumstances. Where has Wade been all these years? Why hasn’t he answered any of Elliot’s mail? So much hurt, misunderstanding, and regret… is there a chance left for them to rekindle the love for each other or is it lost forever?

The first half of the book surrounds Wade’s father dying which is quite sad. The second part was more of the relationship between Wade and Elliot – there is angst, a few light-hearted moments with the children, and drama with Elliot’s family. I have to say I disliked many secondary characters in this book. Elliot’s family just sucks. Wade is stubborn at first but given what he went through with the war and losing his friend I understand why he sacrifices his heart for a better life for Elliot. I thought that was a selfless act on his part – fitting for a hero. I like Elliot. I feel bad for her – she was hurt, broken hearted and a little lost after Wader left. But I don’t understand how she could let her entire family treat her so badly without standing up for herself. I want to smack her sister — I can’t even say her name. I guess I prefer a bit stronger heroine but that’s just my preference. Elliot is no doubt a beautiful, kind, and loving heroine who deserves so much better. The journey back to HEA for Wade and Elliot was definitely angsty, turbulent, and emotional. I thought the two main characters had a good connection – of course some loving and sexy moments. I really love the way the author incorporates poetry in each chapter – beautiful and sweet. I also like the plot – it was honest, heartfelt, dealt with real life issues – something we can all relate to.  A Thousand Letters is more than a romance – it’s also about life, family and friendships. Overall, this book has a somber feel to it so you have to be in a mood but a beautiful second chance romance all the same.

I am looking forward to this author next book 🙂
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