Review: Must Fit the List by Allie Able & Becca Taylor

Must Fit the ListMust Fit the List by Allie Able

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! I have to say authors Allie and Becca are quite a power duo. Woot!!! Beautifully written, unique ideas but what I love most about this book is the authors’ sense of humor – I imagine they are two good friends just having a ball writing this book and it definitely came through to the readers.

The first part of of the book was about a list of “must” qualities that Cass wants in a man learning from her past dating experiences. Cass was giving us an insight into her dating history and it was freaking hilarious. Some was funny and others were straight up disastrous. I laughed so hard I cried. I think what Cass went through is probably not far from real life – I kissed quite a few frogs to find my prince and some of the guys the author described fit the description 🙂 The second part of the book was about Cass meeting the man of her dreams. It’s true when people say you most likely will find the one when you least expect it – and let me tell you Jase is SWOONY and perfect in every sense of the word. I LOVE Jase. He so sweet, considerate, sexy and super dreamy. The things that he says and does for the woman he loves??? Gahhhh!!! Panty dropping worthy… I want this man for my own
I also adore Cass. She is beautiful, smart, and so quirky. She suffers from a case of diarrhea mouth but that makes her honest – she makes me laugh so hard. Cass has an endearing quality and I think that is what Jase loves most about her. I think the authors did an amazing job with the chemistry between two characters – sexy, steamy but also innocent and sweet. They are truly likable, adorable characters. LOVED IT!

This is one charming second chance/rom com/childhood crush romance filled with humor and sexy moments – you do not want to miss it. A perfect read for a relaxing day, curled up, with dessert and tea. At least that was my experience. Totally devoured it.
I am super excited to read about Emma next.
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