Review: Preston’s Honor by Mia Sheridan.



5 Heart wrenching Stars!!

Oh Mia, she never fails me. This woman knows how to write to the heart! This story speaks to my heart; my emotions are raw right now. I came into this book with preconceived notions based on the book’s summary. It sounded like a story about two brothers loving one woman, a love triangle of sorts (which I kind of hate). I was already judging Lia because what kind of woman leaves her child, right? But let me tell you, the summary doesn’t do this book justice. By the second chapter, all my preconceived notions were blown away.
I loved so many things about this book, but by far, Lia is the star. I changed my opinion of Lia almost immediately because Mia didn’t allow anything but her heart to show. I can’t say I’ve ever known anyone in Lia’s situation or felt the despair of poverty, but through Mia’s words, it all came to life for me. Her situation gutted me to the point of tears. I felt sad on every level for Lia…for her mother’s lack of love, for the terrible children who teased her, for the lack of self-worth, for all the pain in her life. I had no room for judgement when it came to her. Despite all her mistakes, I think she is strong. She has a silent, resilient kind of strong that endures through time. I found Lia’s insecurities and dreams to be relatable and I connected with her almost immediately. It’s a long and continuing battle, but Lia begins to accept and stand up for herself. I felt so proud of her.

“Not shunned. Not ignored. Not gossiped about. Not ridiculed. Not demeaned. Not passed over. Embraced. Welcomed. Make a fuss, Mi amor, she’d said.”

Preston is a great character as well. I sometimes felt like he was the underdog with his intense seriousness and Cole being the fun charmer. I like it when the underdog gets the woman. But truly there is no competition. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I will say that I honestly don’t think this book is a love triangle even though it might sound that way (so all you love triangle haters, have no fear!) Preston and Lia are the very definition of soul mates. There wasn’t ever any question. It was always them. Always meant to be.

“I saw my love, my heart, my home.”

The beauty about this book is the rawness of it. Its real life, inundated with ups and downs. It’s more than just being soul mates. People still have to communicate. Lia and Preston’s big issues stem from lack of trust and communication with one another. So much time and pain could have been saved. I think we have all been there and I love the feeling of non-judgement in this book. It takes us all time to learn from our mistakes.
On a more serious note, this book showcases the predicament of immigrants. I’m a person who comes from immigrant parents and so this subject hit home, especially as I turn on the news and see all the issues surrounding immigrants and immigration. With no political tone, I love how Mia innocently showcases the very fact that we are all just humans deserving of safety, love, peace, and acceptance. So Bravo Mia Sheridan! I love you and your work and this book was an absolute gift to read. Thank you! This is a must read!!


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