Review: Rise by Dylan Allen


My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Rise is a debut novel but you wouldn’t know it. It is quite well written with a very interesting plot and well developed characters.
Addie did not have a normal upbringing – at a young age, Addie witnessed her father being hauled away for fraud and money laundering. Addie’s mother seems to live in denial, never really facing the reality of her family’s situation. Addie’s two sisters move on with their lives soon after, attending colleges far away and leaving Addie behind. Years pass, Addie is now living a new life in London where no one knows about her family history. When Addie least expects it, she meets Simon. They are instantly attracted to each other but Addie wants to focus on her career as a lawyer. Simon also has a handful and plenty of secrets to keep from the young Addie who he wants so much to impress. What will happen when their ugly past secrets are revealed? Will they be able to forgive each other and fight for love?

I like really Addie and Simon – smart, strong, focused and driven despite the broken families that they both come from. The fact that Simon is taking care of a little plus one just melted my heart. Most young, single, sexy, successful guys would not have volunteered for the task. I also like the chemistry between Addie and Simon – cute, flirty, angst, sexy. You can feel the instant connection between them. Their relationship has ups and downs but that’s just how life is, considering their complicated circumstances. But the sex scenes more than made up for all the downs . Simon’s got a filthy mouth and it’s all sizzling and hot tamales between these two. The plot is unique and the setting is in London which is a first for me. I very much enjoy the author’s writing style – flows nice and steady and kept me intrigued the whole way. So, debut novel or not I recommend this book and I am looking forward to this author next installment :).

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