Review: The Butterfly Project by Emma Scott

MY RATING: 5 Gorgeous Butterfly Stars



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Well now! Once again I am speechless. You want heart? THIS BOOK IS ALL HEART!!!
Once again, I did not expect anything less from Emma Scott. The Butterfly Project was brilliant and unique – nothing I have read in the past. Zelda witnessed something that haunted her since she was 14 years old. Zelda was a kid herself but she could not shake the guilt and responsibility she felt for what happened. She suffers from PTSD and panic attacks as the result. Nothing seems to help even with the smallest trigger. Zelda’s passion is graphic novels. Her latest plot is about time travel – The Butterfly Project a story about special agents traveling back in time to stop crimes before they happen. In the story, the heroine’s quest was to murder pedophiles and kidnappers without mercy. Unfortunately, while Zelda was in New York pitching her comic book idea, she was turned down by every publishing company, except one. That one required she change the story and give it more heart. With little money left and a bruised ego, Zelda felt like a failure — desperate and lost. That’s when she ran into Beckett, who is a messenger by day and table-busser on the weekends. Beckett was also in the same predicament – always scrapping by for the next meal waiting for the other shoe to drop. All because he made one huge mistake as a young man. Beckett also lives with guilt and regrets from his past. The two lost souls help each other through hard times at first just by sharing rent and a meal. But in the end Zelda and Beckett teach each other more than survival, but rather an important lesson on forgiveness, healing, friendship, and love.

“Lessening the misery of the past will lead to a brighter future.”

I have to say, right from the start I was intrigued by the story and it captivated me the whole way through. The plot is definitely different from anything I’ve read in the past. My heart hurts for both Zelda and Beckett for what they have been through. I am a believer in second chances – we are all humans and humans are flawed. So, I am so glad the author gave Beckett that ending. Zelda is a great character – she is so strong and what I love most about her is her loyalty to Beckett. I think that is one quality that is essential in life. Zelda cannot move on with her life and truly be happy until she finds peace within – Beckett understood that and in a way he is her saving grace. He helped her realize that she must move past the pain and rage and that “there is always another way”. I think Emma Scott’s books almost always have a solemn, thoughtful, heart wrenching tone to them but I love that she always offers some wisdom for us to take away at the end – the Emmanism. I think The Butterfly Project is about forgiveness and second chance. It’s about being kind to one another because gosh, all of us deserve to be happy and to be loved.

I don’t have to say much about Emma Scott’s writing – flawless as always. The characters and the storyline were phenomenal – brilliantly executed!!!


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