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Squeeeezzz! Let’s see… a book from Lauren Blakely? Yeah, I am totally in. Simple as that!  I love all Lauren’s hot romance. The Hot One is about Tyler, the hot shot entertainment lawyer with a cocky, confident personality to go with it.  Well, with a sex God body and a successful career I guess he is allowed to be a bit cocky.  Delaney owns a massage therapy Nirvana in Manhattan.  She has a small circle of friends, loves her job and enjoys the single life.  That is until she runs into Tyler while out running.  Tyler happens to be the guy that smashed her heart right after their senior year in college.  Delaney and Tyler were inseparable back then and they had so many future plans together, including law school.  Well, one day Tyler just broke it off without so much as an explanation.  Delaney’s heart was shattered – she never went through with her plan to attend law school. They have not seen each other since that fateful day 8 years before.

Tyler does not want to admit it but deep down he always regrets hurting Delaney.  She is the one that got away and this time around Tyler is determined to win her back.  What is his master plan?  Show up at Delaney’s work place naked. LOL  I was dying.

The Hot One is a flirty, sexy, fun, cute and sweet second romance.  I had a smile on my face the whole time.  I thought there would be a bit more angst or Delaney throwing daggers at Tyler, making Tyler suffer and work hard to win her back.  But that’s just not Delaney’s personality – she is honest, sweet and she always loved Tyler. Tyler though is persistent – he wants to prove to Delaney that she always has been the one, he was just too young and made a big mistake letting her go.  Tyler is so swoony with all the gestures he shows Delaney – the plant, the lunch etc… just so sweet and thoughtful.  I love these two’s chemistry – innocent flirting and super explosive sex scenes.  I love love love the epilogue – I was surprised by Delaney – again proven she is such a sweetheart.  I can’t help but feel so much joy for these two – adorable characters.

I can always count on Lauren Blakely stories and the hot one is no different – another light-hearted, sexy, and romantic second chance love story.  LOVED IT!



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