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Juliana Conners


Genre: Contemporary/ Bad Boy/ Billionaire BDSM

Release date:

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Sometimes once just isn’t enough. Especially when it’s your very first




Damien Hudson was only supposed to take me on a date. He wasn’t supposed to
take my virginity. I wasn’t supposed to let him. And I definitely wasn’t
supposed to like it.


Now he’s my boss, so my boring job has just gotten a lot more exciting. I
know I’m being a bad girl but I also know that my older, more experienced
and filthy rich boss knows just how to punish me for my sins.


I’m on a mission to give him my body for whatever purposes he sees fit… but
what will he do to my heart?




I took her virginity and now she’s working for me.


I didn’t become the billionaire CEO of several successful companies by
giving into distractions. Sure, I f*ck a lot of women but I don’t ever do
it more than once, less they get too attached. And I keep it in my pants at
the office.


Until I go on a date with Katie Finnegan. It was just a dare but we got out
of hand.

Meaning that I got into her sexy panties and she got into my f*cking head.
Now both things are all twisted up.


She’s working for me now and being with her is bad for both my business and
my personal life. I’m determined to put our one little scorching hot night
in the past. But first I’m going to have to take her over my knee and spank
her for letting it happen in the first place.


What if both of us like the way I punish her just a little too much?


** More, Boss is a standalone romance featuring a billionaire alpha male
boss and a feisty BBW. It has no cheating, no cliffhanger and a HEA.




Juliana Conners is an Amazon bestselling author who writes sizzling hot
romance about bad boys with filthy mouths and even dirtier thoughts, and
the feisty ladies who win not only their rock hard, tattooed bodies but
also their hearts. She is the only female human living in a house she
shares with her bad boy techie husband and their two usually good little
boys. They do live with a female cat and a female dog to even out the
score! She enjoys weather as warm, food as spicy and coffee as hot as she
likes her romance. She aims to write stories that will captivate your mind,
warm your heart and fulfill your fantasies.


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