Review: Life by Audrey Carlan


Life (Trinity #4) by Audrey Carlan ~ 4.5 STARS

This is the first book of the Trinity series I read but this can be read alone. I wish I read the first three though because I was having a hard time catching up with Maria’s soul sisters. The plot for this book is totally different from the yoga series I loved so much. Life is dark, gritty, intense with heavy subject matter – there are full disclosures though. Maria’s boyfriend who is a cop died protecting Maria and her friends. At Tommy’s funeral, Maria had the surprise of her life – she met Eli, an identical version of Tommy. Eli is dominant, alpha, sexy – a lawless bounty hunter. He is hell bent on protecting the damsel in distress but Maria is not having it. The problem is Maria does not have much choice when her abusive ex-boyfriend is out of jail and is out for blood revenge. Can Maria resist the bad boy who refuses to back down?

I like the chemistry between Eli and Maria – super passionate and sexy. I love a man that can take care and protect his woman, so Eli is my favorite character. I was distracted a little bit with all the Spanish talking though because I find myself reading over again to look for the meaning of the sentences. I enjoy the side characters which are Maria’s soul sisters but as I said before I wish I had the whole background relationship between all of them. I would have better understand the close knit bond. The letters made me cry – eeek! Just beautiful and emotional. The book is well-written – of course I didn’t expect anything less from this author. Everything flows nicely and kept me intrigued the whole time. The content is a bit more intense than my normal read but I enjoyed the characters and the romance all the same. If you are looking for something dark, gritty with drama, action, super strong sexy hero and sassy heroine – this is the book for you!




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