Review: A Boy Like You by Ginger Scott


My rating:  5 Stars!!
Oh boy, this is a special book! Ginger Scott knows how to portray the difficult teenage years that we’ve all gone through. I was expecting a teenage love story, but what I got was so much more. While there is a soul deep love story in this book, I can’t help but feel there is more. It’s a bit of women’s fiction as I feel the focal point is Jocelyn’s story, her growth. It’s her coming of age story. There is also this feeling of a super natural element that isn’t completely apparent, but there are hints of it and I absolutely love it.

“Maybe that’s what life is—a beautiful mess.”

I love this quote because isn’t life just that … a beautiful mess. No one knows that more than Jocelyn. For her mere 17 years of life, Jocelyn knows pain. She’s struggling as she doesn’t know how to cope with the hurt in life. Her pain is so palpable and I feel so sad inside as I see the two people who should love her more than life fail her. Her drunk father is a mess and what kind of mother abandons her child? I feel anger and frustration for her. I want to save Jocelyn because her potential is so apparent. There is a silver lining though…and that lining is Wes.

“ You don’t belong in a box. That’s what makes you so amazing. You…you’re a little bit of everything. And you’re not ashamed to show any of it.”

Wes is amazing. He is beyond mature for his age and his character is a bit of a mystery. He is Jocelyn’s strength when she has none. He builds her back up and helps her stand on her own two feet. His character is so well developed. He has this unwavering strength that feels safe and even as the reader, I feel myself depending on him to come through for everybody. At first, I thought Jocelyn was too dependent on Wes, but she takes his strength and she learns to lean on herself and find her own strength. Wes is her rock and it’s a beautiful relationship. It’s a gift to see how love can change and support us.
I’m a sucker for love stories that deal with soul mates and I actually love childhood love stories. They are my favorite. I love how Jocelyn and Wes connected as children. Their stories are intertwined and they are fated for one another. Their love is soul deep.

“When I’m not with Wes, my hand is cold. It’s always looking for its other half.”

So, I have nothing else to say besides this is a must read!!! There’s only one down side and I was unprepared for this…it ends with a cliffhanger! Now comes the wait for the rest of Wes and Jocelyn’s story.

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