Review: Dirty Doctor by Whitney G.


Dirty Doctor is a standalone novella, the second book in the Steamy Coffee Reads Collection. Novella or full length novel I am giving this book a 5 stars based on the effortless writing and the cute storyline. Here is the thing, I can pick up just about any of Whitney’ books and get completely lost in it. I am a big fan of all her books. Dirty Doctor is about an alpha, successful, sexy doctor name Garrett. Garrett is handsome and he is constantly getting harassed by female patients – so hilarious. He loves to fuck women but that is all – he is too grumpy for anything else LOL :). Even the hottest doctor got stood up though – JerseyGirl17 whom he met through NewYorkMinute — never showed up for their date. Garrett’s ego is bruised. So, when Garrett got the news that his group is taking on a new resident (what he called babysitting “not a doctor”) his mood is exponentially worse. Wait until you find out who is the resident that will be working side by side with him … OMG! It’s awesome! Garrett is acting like a grumpy old man half the time but Natalie is no push-over. She isn’t going to let him get away anything and that made for some awesome banters.

I love everything about Dirty Doctor – fun, sexy, amazing chemistry between characters, delightful storyline and just pure entertainment. I promise this book is addictive and will put you in an instant good mood.  Read it 🙂

Cocky client is next… can’t wait.
Here is the order:
1. Naughty Boss
2. Dirty Doctor
3. Cocky Client




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