Review: What I Need by J. Daniels

What I need LIVE

New book boyfriend alert guys! CJ is perfect!

Riley had a fight with her boyfriend Richard. Richard was pissed that Riley is going to her brother Reed’s wedding – the man who just fired him from a job. Riley shows up at her brother’s wedding upset she is now boyfriendless. She dives into tequila thinking it will cure her heart break. Instead Riley ends up in CJ’s bed. CJ is her brother’s best friend, a cop. They make plans to continue seeing each other but when Riley gets home she finds out she and Richard hadn’t broken up after all – they were just on a break. Riley wants to stay friends with CJ but he wants more. OH, the drama!!!

I adore CJ – he is all hot alpha, strong, and so patient with Riley. He has a big heart too – it hurts him not being with Riley but he cares about her so he was very respectful at keeping the friend status (well except the texts ). The man is totally swoony, he can darlin’ me anytime :). Riley is sweet, sassy, caring but also a bit gullible when it comes to relationships. Like all girls, she wants the fairy tale so sometimes she turns on the blinders. I was frustrated with Riley for hiding but I understand her reasons at the end. I really enjoyed the flirty banters and especially the texts – gah! Fun and sexy, some were straight up dirty as hell. There were so many LOL moments as well mainly the sponge bath incident. I was smiling the whole time at Riley being mortify over it 🙂 I love CJ and Riley’s instant chemistry. They have scorching hot sex but they are a fun, cute, easy going couple – a sign of a long lasting relationship.
This book is well written – sexy, sweet and romantic story with just a tiny bit of angst and drama. Part of a series but can be read as a standalone.  4.5 Stars!!!

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