Review: Co-Wrecker by Meghan Quinn



Well, what can I say. Meghan Quinn – The queen of romantic comedy DID IT AGAIN!!! After this book you will never look at ice-cream, freezers, and storage rooms the same ever again 🙂

Reading this book reminded me so much of the love story of someone else / or two that I have had the privilege to meet wink wink What a couple! Book characters and in real life – – fun, sweet, and super cute.

Sadie is moody, stubborn and ice cold, just like the ice cream she serves. Sadie has a small circle of friends and she is not interested in meeting anyone new. Unluckily for her, she is assigned a new trainee for the week. Andrew is new to town. He is escaping his secret past, moving for the summer to work and planning on attending Binghamton University in the fall. Andrew is a computer nerd — smart, friendly and borderline bubbly which pisses Sadie off badly. At the same time Sadie can’t help but be drawn to Andrew – can’t blame her because Andrew is dorky but also so super – HOT. Andrew’s personality is beyond swoony – he is so kind, loving, patient, and would do anything for a woman he has his heart set on. What happens when these coworkers to turn into co-wreckers? I am positively giddy over this book … I adore Sadie and Andrew.

Co-wrecker is just adorable, sexy, hilarious and entertaining as hell; but there is such a great plot hidden there that is also very touching. This story is about friendship, believing in yourself, second chances at life, love, and finding your own path to HEA. Perfectly executed – Meghan delivers a nice mixture of humor, romance, endearing characters, and heart-warming storyline. I adore Meghan and all her books. Co-wrecker is an automatic read for me!!!






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