Review: Say I’m Yours by Corinne Michaels.




Say I’m in love with Trent Hennington 🙂 ❤

You know what? I really love the Hennington’s brothers – each has a unique and beautiful love story. Trent and Grace’s journey to HEA is a difficult and emotional one but gorgeous all the same.

Trent is the eldest of the Henningtons. He has been on again/ off again with Grace for two decades. They were each other’s first and only love but Trent has a hard time commiting to marriage and family. Grace only loves one man in her life but after watching everyone else tie the knot and live HEA she can no longer afford to wait for Trent to come around. The hardest part is she does not understand why he seems distant and unable to return the love she has for him. Trent has his reasons for resisting but he could not face them until he lost Grace. Grace is ready to move on – she has been hurt for far too long and she finally realizes that she loves Trent but has got to love herself more.

Grace and Cooper have been friends for ages. Cooper has no problem committing. He always has had feelings for Grace, thinks the world of her and is ready to give Grace a life she deserves. The breakup between Grace and Trent gives Cooper the perfect opportunity of prove he is the one for Grace. Well, that did not sit well with Trent. In his mind, Grace has been his all along, is still, and always will be. But he lost that right – he realizes his mistake now but is it already too late?

Oh man! I did not expect this story to be so emotional on so many levels. Trent is a really good guy but he is troubled. He has his reasons for not wanting “forever” and I understand that. My heart hurts for Trent and for Grace as well. Grace has loved Trent since they were teenagers. She has been with Trent through thick and thin – she deserves happiness and fairy tale with a man that she loves and loves her in return. There is no question of their attraction for each other. Even after Trent realizes he needs some major groveling to win Grace back, their relationship is turbulent with ups and downs. Grace is torn between moving on Cooper or giving Trent one last chance but she is afraid her heart won’t make it this time around. Say I’m Yours is a heartbreakingly beautiful story of friendships, family, and second chances at love. I laughed, swooned, cried; there is also plenty of sexy and angsty moments so get ready for that. Trent and Grace’s story proves that relationships take work but true love endures and will last forever.

I so highly recommend this book – and also the other Hennington brothers if you haven’t read it already!  They are all amazing!

5 STARS!!!


Coming 3/27/17


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