Review: Stripped Bare by Heidi McLaughlin!



Squeeze!!!! Stripped Bare is like Pretty Woman all over again for me, except with a twist (and I really loved Pretty Woman).

Macey is a single mother to her 10 year-old daughter. She grew up on the wrong side of the tracks, pregnant at the age of 17 with no one to lean on. For the past 10 years, she tried her best to make ends meet waitressing during the day and stripping at night. She is desperate to give her daughter a better life but it’s hard in the small town. Macey took a chance heading to Vegas for a week working in a club, hoping she can make big enough money to get out of the hell hole back home. She makes the money but after one bad mistake and she loses it all. Down and out, Macey runs into her childhood crush turned hot billionaire hotel owner Finn. He makes a proposition that is difficult to turn down – another week in Vegas with him in exchange for enough cash so she could set herself up with a better apartment at home. Macey and Finn’s chemistry and attraction for each other is undeniable. They have no problem burning up the sheets. The problem is Macey’s feelings for her old friend have not changed – she wants more but unfortunately Finn is not a one lady kind of guy. The line of ladies waiting for an engagement ring is quite long and he is not the least interested. What will happen though when Finn finds out the truth about Macey and her past?

I love Finn – he is acting like a cocky bastard half the time but he has a big heart. I know this in the way he treats his employees, family, and his friends. Macey is a good mother – I can understand her profession because as a mother I would not hesitate to accept any job in order to take care of my kids. No judge here!!! I feel saddened for Macey’s situation and she deserves to be happy, cared for, and loved.

This was such a heartwarming, sweet and beautiful love story. Quick read. Low drama, high on sexiness, swoony, and awesome banters. I know this is a Billionaire series but I am hoping for a story on Lamar. He seems gentle, kind, loyal – I’m kind of intrigued by him.

4.5 sexy stars!


Releases: March 28th

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