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AHHHHH!!! OMG I did not expect that ending at all … huge cliff hanger – For some reason I did not realize there is a book two until there was only a few percent left. Then I realized things weren’t wrapping up. Then Boom!!! THE END! It’s over. I am DYING!!!! I need The Catch like right now!!! Let me say though The Player is worth the read RIGHT NOW – full of anticipation and excitement. All the build-up will be worth it and the good news is I don’t have to wait long.

Here is the thing — from the very first chapter I was instantly sucked in with Scout and Easton’s hilarious first meeting . Easton is baseball royalty – the best at his game, but he was injured and will need extensive PT to get back to top form. Doc Dalton is the man for the job except he is not available. Instead his daughter Scout shows up. Easton and Scout’s first meeting is hysterical – Easton is rude and cocky, showing zero respect for his young beautiful new PT – unintentionally though. I don’t want to spoil this scene, just got to read it!!! Promise it’s awesome!

Scout is a rookie with only three years’ experience under her belt. She is feisty, sexy, gorgeous but all business, professional, “clear mind, hard heart”, focused on proving she belongs in this all men’s world. Getting Eason healthy and back to the field is just the ticket she needs to earn the respect, put a stamp on her career, and possible a permanent contract. She has no room for romance especially with the player. Unfortunately, rehabbing Easton means hands-on and constant rubbing of his infamous biceps several hours/day though, how is she going to resist the irresistibly charming, flirty, sexy baseball star?

“He’s good with kids. And with dogs. And with his sick mom. And with spooked women. Is there anything this man can do to make me not like him?
Because I’m beginning to think he might need to do that, so I don’t start believing he hung the moon. Or stole my heart.”

I really fell in love with both characters. Scout and Easton complement each other well – both have imperfect lives. Scout has been hurt – she is afraid of commitment. She’s fearful that the people she loves the most are the ones who will shatter her heart. Easton has his own troubles growing up and well into his adult life. One thing they have in common is that they live under the pressure of measuring up to their fathers’ expectations. Scout is desperate for a contract with the Aces – she loves her job but she is also trying to fulfill her father’s wishes. Easton’s father was a baseball legend – Easton idolized his father all his life but also feels like he is always walking behind in his father’s shadow. Easton always has a love/hate relationship with baseball much like the relationship he has with his father. What will it take for Easton to love baseball again?
I really adore Easton. He is way more than what he lets people see. The real Easton is funny, loving, caring and compassionate towards his family, people, animals and of course Scout – SWOONS. He is patient and respectful of Scout until things heat up and it’s all HOT AND HEAVY. K. Bromberg writes unbelievably passionate, erotic love scenes like you’ve never seen (one particular batting net comes to mind) HOT damn! I was like I want in on that action!!!

“Just because my cleats will hit the dirt again, doesn’t mean I’ll move on from the people in my life. You’re not one who can easily be forgotten, Scout Dalton.”

The Player is flawlessly written – full of drama, angst, passion but also sweet, romantic, sexy, and witty banters. A sizzling sport romance but it is also full of heart as the story also speaks of family and life’s hardship. I totally did not expect all that when I started this sport romance but I should have known better – K. Bromberg does not do anything ordinary. This book is phenomenal and addicting … an epic love story and lucky for us there is MORE. I eagerly await The Catch which comes out June 29th.

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