Review: Jaded and Tyed by Penelope Ward!

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Jaded Tyed

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OMG! I totally devoured this book. Granted it was short but I could not put it down. I just wish it was longer … a girl can hope, right?

This book is about Jade and Tyler. Jade is Chelsea’s sister and Tyler is Damien’s younger brother (Chelsea & Damien is married). Jade is a Broadway star living in NY and Tyler is also an actor on the opposite coast in LA. The two meet for the first time at a Christmas party and Tyler is tongue tied, shocked by his attraction to the beautiful Jade. To make the situation more awkward Tyler is with his girlfriend. The two do not interact much but a few glances here and there. One year later, Tyler gets a surprise message on FB from Jade when she befriends him by accident. Jade just got out of a messy relationship and Tyler is still in a monotonous relationship with his girlfriend (the one he would not die for ;-). So, after a year of stalking each other, the two become fast friends and soon after they develop deeper romantic feelings for each other (no bed hopping). An unfortunate event happens forcing Jade to come home to LA and once again she comes face to face with her crush Tyler. Can Tyler hold himself together this time and will Jade finally bare her heart to the man she secretly loves?

**** Spoilers****
This is no love triangle or cheating, maybe emotional cheating at best but what bothered me a little bit is that I felt Tyler strings along his girlfriend a little too long for my taste. He knew since the year before he settled in that relationship, his heart wasn’t in it. So, once he started talking to Jade I think he should have cut his girlfriend off.

Otherwise, I love this novella – the characters, the chemistry, the cute and sexy romance. Really entertaining read – it’s a nice treat!!!!! Thank you ❤

4.5 Short and sweet Stars!

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