Review: Twist Kylie Scott


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Twist started out with a bang, crashed and burned – Alex suffered from a bad case of identity theft. Alex found herself standing outside the Dive Bar in a short dress and hooker heels getting ready to meet the man of her dreams – someone she has been emailing, flirting, and sharing her deep secrets with. Except he wasn’t who she imagined at all. Surprise! Her love interest turned out to be Joe, the hot, bearded, rugged bartender/carpenter. Alex was supposed to hightail straight back home except her plan was deterred. Days turn into weeks and a chain of events happened that pulled Alex and Joe closer than either of them expected. The relationship blossomed, friends turn into lovers – just perfection.

I really adore Alex – she is funny, friendly, beautiful. She is honest – what you see is what you get. She is also a strong heroine – she can hold her own especially against some of Joe’s skeptical family members. I also like Joe – sweet, hard-working, caring, stable and a nice man. But sometimes I want to smack some sense into him. At the beginning, Joe was very sweet and endearing the way he was wooing Alex; I love how their relationship slowly developed from enemies to innocent friendship to hot sexy lovers. However, toward the end with all the drama of the car accident and the ex-girlfriend I did not think Joe handled the situation well. I understand where he is coming from. However, he was distant and did not go after Alex, which upset me a little bit. Of course, he redeemed himself at the end . Otherwise, I love everything else about this book – the banters, the humor and the clever plot. The story is sweet, funny, sexy and romantic with a little bit of drama and angst. I am also happy the story included the secondary characters’ lives which added a little complexity to the storyline. Overall, Twist was an entertaining read!

4.5 sexy Stars!


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