Review: Mister Romance by Leisa Rayven!

Mister Romance

HOLY CRAP! Move over Romeo! Max Riley is EVERYTHING and MORE. He is all mine and I will take him in any form . I have been anticipating this book for so long and let me tell you Leisa Rayven’s outdone herself. What a freaking unique story – from the plot to the characters. The writing is absolutely gorgeous. If you did not believe in true love, romance and HEA you will now. Mister Romance is no doubt one of the best books of 2017.

Max is a male escort – an expensive one, drop-dead gorgeous and most sought after by the socialites and house wives of New York. Max can transform himself into any body the women want and allow them the fantasy date they will never forget. His one rule is no sex or touching below the waist LOL. Why is he doing this? For money, pleasure, fame or penance? That is the secret you will need to find out yourself.

Then comes Eden, an investigative journalist at a dead-end job. Her boss has threatened to fire her if she does not come up with a substantial story soon. Eden gets wind of the legendary Mister Romance. She is determined to expose the truth about what he does and mainly WHO his clients are. Can you imagine the scandal once the public finds out which wives of influential men have been hiring a male escort? This story would secure a big raise, a promotion and set her up for her future career.

Eden is cynical – she does not believe in love or HEA. Sex is all she wants, no baggage, no attachment and it has worked for quite sometime until she meets Max. Max challenges Eden to go on 3 dates with him. Max is convinced he can woo Eden and change her mind about love and fairytales. If that is the case she will have to drop the story on him. Eden thinks Max’s idea is one huge joke because she would never be weak enough to fall for Max’s charms or his big dick . Who will come out on top? You MUST READ this book.

Mister Romance is absolutely spectacular from beginning to finish. Sexy, fun, and heart-warming, and some angst. I did shed a few tears too. I adore Max of course because he is a bit flawed LOL but mostly because of his character – he is honest, sweet and thoughtful the way he takes care of Eden. Actually, I love ALL versions of Max from sexy Irish, to hot rock star, to hot male escort, to just beautiful and swoony boyfriend. I love how his character developed throughout the story and how he helps transform Eden and free her from the painful past. The chemistry between Max and Eden is incredible – you can feel even before you really know the real Max. Leisa wrote such unique story – the plot of this book is like nothing I’ve read before. It’s mysterious and will keep you on you on your toes. Even after you have discovered Max’s identity, the rest of the story is still a guessing game – you don’t really know for sure which version of Max you’ll get, is it real or is it pretend? Such a genius way of keeping the audience intrigued – I was glued to my kindle from beginning until the end.

Mister Romance is phenomenal and utterly addictive! Gorgeous love story full of heart, sexy, hilarious banters and charming characters. Leisa’s writing is flawless – she has a way with words that makes you fall in love with the charming characters and their journey. It was such a joy to read this book – romantic, entertaining and it kind of reminds me that I do believe in fate, fairy tales and true love. Ahhhh! My heart is singing a happy tune now. Thank you Leisa!!!

5 STARS and one of my favorite of 2017!!!


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