Review: Sex in the Sticks by Sawyer Bennett!

Sex in the Sticks

5 Holy Hotness Stars!!!

OMG!!! I am super excited! I am in love/lust with Sawyer Bennett’s new LOVE HURTS series. I am not surprised though … I can never get enough of Sawyer Bennett. She is everywhere lately with Ain’t He Precious, Finding Kyle, The Hard Truth About Sunshine and now this!!! This author can WRITE ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING. Sex in the sticks is yet another gorgeous, sexy, romantic, small town boy meets sexy city girl. HOLY crap! This book was hot and uber erotic – put on your seat belt y’all because it’s gonna be a really bumpy ride.

Valentine is a dating advice blogger. Lately, she is tired of the metrosexual men and the dating fools in New York. Valentine’s dating life is stalled at best and she is desperate for something new, different, and possibly a lasting romance. With the help from her best friend Jeremy, Valentine packs her bag for a vacation in small town Alaska where men are five times the population of women. Her master plan is to date as many men as she can and compare them against the men of New York. Well, Valentine’s plan back fires when she meets the chief of police/ mayor of East Merritt.
I really adore Valentine – she is beautiful, wealthy, smart and successful but she is so down to earth, honest, sweet and nice. Such a lovable character. Logan is not much of a dater – he is busy working for the town and mostly keeps to himself. The last thing he expects is a sexy redhead visitor barging into town causing chaos and mayhem. Logan quickly becomes the hero who sweeps in and rescues the damsel in distress … several times. I can’t help but smile at some of these scenes. Poor Valentine is so out of her element but she is determined to fit in. I love Logan – all man, sexy, brooding and truly a nice guy. Logan might win the new title of book boyfriend for me!!! He has a huge heart and well … just huge everywhere if you know what I mean . The chemistry between Valentine and Logan basically burned up the sheets. Sawyer writes the most sexy, erotic sex scenes. I did not expect this at all but damn it was so good.

This book is awesome! Hilarious banters, lighthearted, romantic, really sexy (warning – super erotic sexy scenes) and a small dose of angst at the end. What will happen when Logan finds out Valentine’s intentions when she came to Alaska. He feels betrayed, hurt, and acts out of emotion. It will take a grand gesture for Valentine to win his trust and his heart back. Will Logan finally pull his head out of his ass and realize that despite all of Valentine’s flaws she is the only one that can make him happy?

Sex in the sticks is utterly addictive PERIOD! I could not put it down – as always flawless writing and a gorgeous love story. I highly recommended this light-hearted, fun, sweet romance. LOVED IT and can’t wait for more.


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★★ Audio is in production now and coming soon!!★★

Sex in the sticks teaser
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