Review: Pipe Dreams by Sarina Bowen.


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG! This book and all the FEELS!!!! Sniffs …. Pipe Dreams is by far my favorite of the Brooklyn Bruisers series. Sarina is a one-click author for me, always and forever.

Mike is a champion goalie for the Bruisers – a small puck can’t get past his blocking most days but unfortunately Mike lets the love of his life slip away. Two years pass and the Bruisers’s manager hires Lauren to travel with the team. Mike is unexpectedly united with his ex-Lauren, the woman whose heart he shattered along with the future they had planned together. Lauren is as beautiful, driven and intelligent as ever but her heart has hardened. The problem is Mike and Lauren are still in love with each other – it has never stopped despite the years apart. Lauren is angry and hurt but she can’t deny the chemistry and sexual tension between them. It is undeniable and unstoppable. Mike screwed up hugely and now he wants to win Lauren back – hell, he is ready to marry and make babies with her! But Lauren is no fool – this time around she is determined to never fall to the goalie’s charm again.

From the sound of it the story is simple, right? Mike broke Lauren’s heart. They were both young at the time and Mike did not handle the break-up well now he wants a second chance. Let me warn you this plot nothing but simple through so go into it with an open mind. The story is a bit more complicated with ups and downs and the reason for their separation just broke my heart. My heart ache for them both. I have no doubt of the deep love Mike and Lauren have for each other but it was just not the right place or time. Seriously, I was sniffing the whole time. The story deals with some real and difficult issue – there are a lot of things that we can relate to in our everyday lives. The story is full of heart and feels – I cried, laughed, swooned. There are of course really sexy and fun parts – I mean this is sport romance after all. The characters are amazing – it showcases a young, smart, strong heroine and an adorable, selfless, loving single dad who makes sacrifices, putting others happiness above his own. Pipe Dreams is an awesome addition to the Bruisers series – a fabulous story of second chance at love. I can’t get enough of Sarina Bowen’s flawless writing and as I said before a must read for me.



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