Review: Trophy Wife by Alessandra Torre.

Trophy Wife

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy Crap! Trophy is beyond HOT HOT HOT!!! I am addicted to Alessandra Torre’s stories and this book is no different. AHHH! I love this gorgeous, sexy, erotic romance.
Nathan Dumont is a successful, powerful man in Nashville. Half of the town wants to be him and half wants to sleep with him. Unfortunately, part of his life is a mess – four years prior Nathan’s finance and love of his life disappeared without a trace. Nathan is doing everything in his power to find her and bring her back including … marrying another woman … YIKES, right???
Candace wants to escape the slippery life she’s gotten herself into. She’s got nothing to lose so she accepts Nathan’s proposal to become his Trophy Wife. Candace moves into her own little mansion with Nathan – her days spent at the country club, dinning with the housewives, and her nights in Nathan’s bed as his submissive. But Candace has no idea what she’s gotten herself into – Nathan promised no LOVE or romance. Nathan is sexy, brooding and a ball of secrets and contradictions. One minute he is cruel and callous, the next he is sweet and caring. Maybe Candace should have done her research first before signing his contract? Why did Nathan marry Candace? How long can she keep up with the charade of playing a perfect wife but without love and affection, especially when Candace starts to develop romantic feelings for her husband?

I did not read the Dumont Series so this story is all brand new to me. I absolutely love the plot, the characters, the twists and turns and suspense throughout the book. My only hiccup is the relationship Candace has with Nathan’s employee/friend. I understand that Candace isn’t in a real marriage but rather an agreement signed between two people. I also understand Candace feels isolated and lonely so she is seeking affection elsewhere. Normally, I am not down with bed hopping but in this situation Candace is as good as a free woman so it did not bother me as much. Anyhow, I love a good thrilling story that keeps me on my toes, guessing and anticipating and this book did exactly that for me. The chemistry, the angst, the push and pull relationship between Nathan and Candace are all delicious. The chemistry, the sexual tension and intimacy is downright erotic and intoxicating. The plot is absolutely brilliant. I loved it – sexy, romantic, suspenseful, addictive.


Trophy T
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