Review: Lost Rider by Harper Sloan

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“Every angle begins and ends with you.”

This is a standalone cowboy & small town girl second chance romance.
Leighton and Maverick grew up together on a farm in a small Texas town. Leighton has been in love with Maverick all her life. Right before Maverick left town to chase his rodeo rider dream Leighton bared her soul to him and he stomped all over it. Ten years later, Maverick was forced to come home after several injuries that prevented him from ever riding again. Leighton is no longer an ugly duckling, flat chested, insecure teenaged girl. Leighton is still angry and hurt deeply by Maverick’s cruel words years ago. Even though Maverick was the first and only love of her life, Leighton vowed to never fall for the same cowboy again. Maverick has other ideas – he knows he messed up in an unforgivable way but he desperately wants a second chance to prove to Leighton that he is here to stay. This time he wants a fairy tale ending. Can Leighton forgive his past mistake and allow Maverick to mend her heart?

“You better believe I’m ridin’ this out with you until you buck me off. And darlin’, there hasn’t ben a ride I’ve been more prepared for.”

The first part of the book got me immediately hooked. I could not believe the hostel reunion and banters between Leighton and Maverick. Leighton was livid and her sharp tongue slashing toward Maverick stemmed from years of heartache. I thought this cowboy didn’t stand a chance with her. Leighton is a strong character – she was a vulnerable love-struck teenager once but she grew up and has developed into a beautiful swan. Even with her hardened attitude, deep down she is still sweet, caring, loving to her friends and the people around her. Maverick is not what he appears either – brooding, alpha on the outside but he has a heart of gold. Maverick had a hard childhood and has a huge chip on his shoulder. The reason for his leaving Leighton behind is way deeper than just chasing a dream. My heart really hurts for what he has been through. I adore all the characters, the plot, and the romance but I thought the second part was a little bit slow with the reasons and the circumstances of Maverick’s past.

“I can’t promise that it will be an easy ride, but stick with me and I’ll show you that I’m pretty damn good at holdin’ on for the long haul.”

Over all though, Lost Rider is a gorgeous second chance romance full of angst, witty banters, likable characters, and a compelling storyline. It’s about love, friendship, forgiveness and finding a happy ever after.

4 Stars ❤


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