Review: Sexy Stranger by Kendall Ryan

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SWOON’S!!! This is a cute story of a small-town guy and city girl falling for each other. Charlotte was running away from her superficial life in NY. On her way to LA, her car broke down so she was stranded in small town Shady Grove. That is when she met Luke. Charlotte is classy, beautiful but not arrogant. She is a bit sassy but she can give as much as she can take against the crass, brooding farm boy. Luke was enamored with a “city girl” before but it did not turn out so well. He was hurt, learned his lesson, and is not about to fall for this beautiful tourist. However, Luke’s heart does not agree – he could not help but fall hard and fast for Charlotte. Will he muster up his courage to ask Charlotte to stay?

I really adore Luke, his twin brother and his sister. They are just nice, good small town people. Luke puts on a tough face, all alpha but he is just a sweet, handsome, simple boy next door. Charlotte is smart, witty, gorgeous and comes from a well to-do family but she’s also got a good head on her shoulders and a soft heart. Luke and Charlotte are the perfect definition of opposites attract. They are so different in their upbringing and life style but yet they are alike – sweet, kind and easy to love. Their romance is a whirlwind one but Luke and Charlotte both understand that their time together is short lived. When feelings develop, someone will eventually get hurt. Kendall Ryan always come through for us though. Sexy Stranger is another an entertaining, sexy, light-hearted read.
Short and sweet! LOVE!

4.5 CUTENESS Stars

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