The Playboy Bachelor by Rachel Van Dyken!

The Playboy Bachelor

“He might be a runner. But she was a hider.”

This is the second book in the series and it features Bentley’s story. I’ve been curious about his story since the Bachelor Auction so I’m so glad he’s getting his own story!
The first book really had a fairy tale spin to it; it had a Cinderella theme. I was expecting another fairy tale theme, but I honestly couldn’t see one. Nonetheless, it was a sweet read.

So the premise of the story is Bentley and Margo used to best friends until an accident. Margo lost everything in that accident: her parents, her leg, and her best friend. Since then she’s turned into a recluse, shunning herself from the world. She harbors hate and hurt for years because she never knows why Bentley abandoned her in her time of need. Years later, Bentley is bought by her grandma at an auction with the hope of reuniting them. Can Margo forgive him? Why did he leave her all those years ago?
There are a lot of good things about this story. First, I love the reminiscing of their young friendship and blooming love. It’s one of my favorite things to read and I enjoyed getting peeks of how Margo and Bentley as kids. I actually wish there was a little more. I also really like Margo. She is definitely a flawed character, but in a realistic way. Losing her leg destroys her self-esteem and I find her feelings relatable. Her character shows complexity in how her mind works.

Bentley is also a good character. He is frustrating and complex in his own way…I suppose the guy kind of way. While I understand his reasoning for abandoning Margo, I was frustrated at times because it also doesn’t really make sense. His lack of action and his man-whoring ways are just stupid, but at the same time I can understand his insecurities and the turmoil he has within. I suppose he demonstrates human nature and our confusing actions. I will admit that as frustrating as he is, I also find myself enamored by him. Inside he really does have a very good heart with the best intentions. When he wants to be charming, he can melt your panties!

There was definitely push and pull from both sides prolonging their ultimate get together, but the process of them falling in love again was still quite beautiful.
If you’re looking for a cute and easy read, then this is your book. Happy reading!




The Playboy T

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