Review: The Hot Shot by Kristen Callihan


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

GAH!!! This book is something else. I LOVE everything about it! Football player meets professional photographer. All I know is this story is way more than a sport romance. The story is sweet, endearing, sexy and full of wicked banters. I just love Chess and Finn.

Finn is a quarterback – famous in his own right with no shortage of women falling on all his muscle hotness but Finn is not interested in relationships. Rumor has it he is a bit of a player. Finn is assigned to do a nude calendar spread for a charity event where Chess is the photographer. Oh boy! The minute Finn shows up at Chess’s door step the bickering begins. OMG! this author writes amazing ballsy dialogue… it was wicked fun. At first, Chess and Finn could not stand one another, so they are constantly throwing shades at each other. But as Chess and Finn get closer it all turned into sexual tension, attraction and sparks.

Finn appears cocky, arrogant and a womanizer — he is anything but… Finn is sweet, caring and considerate, a bit alpha at times but mostly protective of his woman. I adore Chess – she’s got a boy name She is a tough cookie, a team of big muscular famous football players won’t scare her away. Chess is awesome at her job and she has a way of putting the men at ease – I think that is what Finn loves about her. I really enjoy the slow burn building of Chess and Finn’s lovefest. They were enemies turned friends turned lovers. That’s what makes the story so addicting because you know the best part comes towards the end.

The Hot Shot is definitely one of my favorite books this year. Phenomenal writing from the beginning until the end. The romance is sweet, fun, sexy, and just gorgeous really. I love all the guys side characters as well as the football part of the book. The story is all heart and feels – more than typical sport romances. LOVE everything about this book – finished in one sitting.


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