Review: The House Mate by Kendall Ryan

house mate

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Swoonnns!!! This is a cute, sweet, low drama single father meets nanny. He gets his second chance at love and she gets the fairytale HEA. I have a soft spot for romance with tiny people involved and this book is no different – a beautiful and heartwarming love story.

Max is a self-made successful business man. There isn’t much focus on his career other than he was ex-military turned construction company owner. One day he gets a surprise drop off at his door step. Max acquires a daughter that he did not even know existed. She is only one year old. At a loss, he is franticly looking for a live-in nanny to look after her while he figures out a new life that involves dipper and sleepless nights. Here comes Addison to the rescue. Addison just got out of a deceitful relationship – the man she wasted 2 years of her life on had been lying to her in a big way. Addison needs a job and a place to stay so she answers the add to become a nanny. Addison gets the job with Max on the spot. She moves in the guest room right next to Max. He soon finds out it is extremely difficult to stay away from the beautiful, caring nanny. Can they fight the attraction and desire for each other? How will they manage separating work and their love life? There is a tiny bit of drama with Max’s secretary and his ex but there is nothing unexpected. This is a fun, entertaining, short read. The plot is mostly smooth sailing – sexy, light-hearted, heartwarming.

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