Review: The Queen and the Cure by Amy Harmon!

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My rating: 5 Magical Stars!

“Come to me and I will try to love you. I will try to love you, if you but come back.”

If you haven’t read The Bird and the Sword, then you are missing out. Go read it now! I fell head over heels in love with The Bird and Sword and the magical world that Amy Harmon created. I was beyond excited for The Queen and the Cure. This is the second book in the series. It’s a standalone, but I highly recommend you read the first one to develop a deeper appreciation for this special world.

Oh where to begin…this story follows Kjell of Jeru, who is King Tiras’ half-brother. On a mission to destroy all the Volgars, he finds a broken woman, Sasha. She’s literally broken, but being the Healer that he is, he heals her and puts her back together. Sasha is a mysterious woman who has lost all memory and pledges her loyalty to Kjell. Kjell just wants to move on and continue his battle, but each day he finds himself becoming used to his girl who follows him and sleeps near him. He falls a little bit more in love each day not even realizing it until they both find themselves connected on a soul deep level. However, their journey remains a long perilous one as Sasha regains her memories and they realize they are both bound by duties in order to save their kingdoms.

“I fell in love with you in pieces. Layer by layer, day by day, inch by inch.”

First, I need to mention that Amy Harmon can do no wrong. Her writing is flawless. It is the very definition of art as she manages to create these poetic stories that are so vivid and full of heart. This is an epic love story….oh Kjell..SWOON. His love and devotion is strong and sincere. His love is the most selfless kind of love that I have read and I’ve read a lot. His love is pure and beautiful. The slow way he falls in love is very heartwarming. Sasha buries herself in his heart.

“They saw not what would be or what had been, but only what was. She saw him. He saw her. And they saw nothing else.”
“She was precious to him. Precious and so…lovely. She was so impossibly lovely.”

Sasha is also a beautiful character. She is the very definition of grace and beauty. Her love is also selfless. The two together are magical, but their goodness while humbling is frustrating. They choose duty over love and it crushes me to see them fight their feelings. I want them to be selfish, but they are better people than me! They are noble, honest, and loyal to everyone they love. Their gifts fit them perfectly especially Kjell. Every part of him is a healer. He is just one of the best characters I have read.

“Some things cannot be healed. They must simply be endured,” he whispered, and grimaced.

I must also give a shout out to Tiras and Lark. As I said before, the Bird and Sword is one of my favorite books and I love seeing glimpses of them in the book. I especially love Tiras and Kjell’s relationship. It’s the best example of brotherly love that is also based on friendship. It‘s a deep bond that can’t be broken. I absolutely love them. In fact, I love this entire family. So bottom line is this is a MUST READ!!

“And Sasha loves Kjell.”
“And Kjell loves Sasha.”

Queen T

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