Review: Stand by A.L. Jackson


My rating: 5 of 5 stars

WOW! I am sad that Stand is the last book of A.L. Jackson’s Bleeding Stars series. It’s hard to say goodbye but I cannot wait to see what is next. Stand is heartbreakingly beautiful though. I was always intrigued by Zee. There is something mysterious about him and I suspect he has a past. Zee, although a little broken, is our true hero. The first-time Zee meets Alexis he saves her life from a dangerous man. Unfortunately, the man got away that night so Zee is determined to keep Alexis close despite her defiance. There is something about Alexis that Zee is drawn too – he is instantly attracted to Alexis. Zee goes alpha and wants to be the man who protects her and keeps her safe. But can Zee keep his heart safe from the beautiful, sometimes stubborn heroine?

Zee’s life is complicated and there is a big secret that he keeps from his bandmates and Alexis. Zee has a big responsibility to that part of his life too. I adore Zee. He is a drummer for a super star band but he is just sweet, kind and has a big heart. It is his nature to protect everyone around him. Alexis also has a weight on her shoulders. She too, will put her life in danger in order to take care of the one she loves. At some point, I was so frustrated that Alexis kept falling into the trap and becomes somewhat of an enabler. But Alexis has her reasons and you cannot judge until you “walk a mile in the man’s shoes”. The bond Alexis has for her sister is deeply rooted and not fear nor anyone can break that bond.

The love Zee and Alexis have for each other is heartbreakingly beautiful. With all the ups and downs, secrets and lies surrounding them they hung on tight. I was a crying mess at towards the end. A.L. Jackson sure can write a breathtaking romance with unforgettable characters – broken men and the women that stand strong by their side. Together they all make a magical HEA.

The epilogue is bitter sweet, giving us an overall update of all the members of Thunder. I had tears in my eyes – so sad this is the final chapter to an unbelievably gorgeous series. I love all of them but Stand will forever leave an imprint on my heart. Sniffs…. 😦






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