Review: Excess by Kate Stewart


My rating: 4.5 Stars

“I’ve loved you for as long as you’ve loved me, Nina.”

“Two weeks ago, I would have forgiven you.”

Holy smoke! This book is dirty, dark and addictive. Excess is a combination of 3 books: Opulence, reverence, and hindrance all in one. Nina made a fortune for herself at the age of 28 – she is beautiful and wealthy but unfortunately unlucky in love. After a nasty divorce, she finds Devin who rocks her world in and outside of the bedroom. She comes to find out he harbors a huge secret. She falls in love with Devin but he stomps her heart and throws it away. After a 2-year long relationship, did Devin ever love Nina? He treated her terribly and in away he used her to satisfy his needs, but his heart wanted otherwise. Nina finally let Devin goes. Down and depressed, Nina tumbles into a bar and is mesmerized by the soulful singing voice of Aiden. Her bed has not even had a chance to cool and Nina finds herself a sweet, sexy musician who has no problem satisfying her needs. Just when Nina thinks she is content, happy, and moving on, Devin comes back with the intent to win Nina’s heart, body and soul. Man, can you sense the complications and drama???

“I want you, in every way, Nina.  I think about you consantly.  I just don’t want you to get hurt.”

“Then don’t hurt me.”

Well, I LOVE every minute of this book. I like the plot twist – messy and complicated. Be warned though this book is angsty, sexy, erotic, dark, gritty and full of kinky, filthy sexual encounters. The relationship between Nina, Devin, and Aiden is totally twisted. I cannot say much else in regards to this plot without totally spoiling it for you but I will say that there is bed hopping and cheating going on. I am usually not fond of love triangles but Excess to me is pure fun and entertainment. It is an erotic, romantic suspenseful roller coaster. I love Kate’s flawless writing so it’s easy for me to devour this book in one sitting. You need a damn fan to read this book guys! HOT HOT HOT!!!

“You are my hindrance.”

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