Review: The Line by Amie Knight

The Line Cover(1)

My rating: 4.5 Stars

“Welcome to The Line – where you’ll make enough memories to play for a lifetime”.

Wow! This is the second book I read of this author and it is my new favorite. Such a poignant story of love, hope, healing and a second chance at life.
Everly had a sad life, abandoned as a baby and ending up living in various foster homes. As a teenager she ended up on the street — homeless, stealing from people on trains to survive. One night while she was making her usual rounds on the train she met the young cowboy who somehow “sees her”. He offered Everly a seat to rest, fed her, and tried to convince Everly to follow him home. Everly wasn’t ready but she did keep a small part of him – his wallet . Several years later she met a kind lady “momma” who took her in for food and shelter. One summer, Momma encouraged Everly to get a job at a peach-farm. Everly was hoping to save up some money for school so she agreed, but little did Everly know she would once again come face to face with the cowboy she met 4 years prior. Cole has just broken off his engagement to a woman who betrayed him in the worst way. He is still beautiful but not the kind man Everly remembered. Cole is rather angry, brooding, and untrustworthy of people, especially Everly who he recognized as the same girl who stole his wallet. Cole is skeptical of the why Everly is living on the farm and getting rather close with the owner Joe.

“Cole Briggs had stolen a piece of my heart when I was sixteen years old, and over the past few weeks, he’d somehow managed to strip me of the rest of it. Because, even at his worst, Cole was the very damn best.”

I like the plot however, I felt that the story’s timeline is really fast – Everly was homeless, rescued by Momma, went to a farm, met Cole again and fell in love. I was expecting more angst, chemistry and connection when Everly and Cole saw each other again – that’s just my personal preference in angsty romance. I do like the character development. Everly is a survivor – she did things to stay alive that she is not proud off but she is good person, willing to work hard and pay back the people who helped her. Cole is kind, caring and protective. He is all sweet and sexy and in the bed room Cole has quite a mouth. Geezz!!! Swoony and hotness!!! There is a big twist at the end that I was not expecting, adding a bit of drama to the story. I felt like there were several things going on with the plot that were all packed in – Cole’s ex, Grey, the farm life, Joe & Cole’s relationship, Everly & Momma, and Joe & Everly’s relationship so it is not just a simple love story. Over all though, I like the charming romance, and second chance at life for Everly – heart breaking journey but full of passion, healing and hope. I am especially intrigued by Cody – I like his character – outgoing and fun. I would love a story on Cody and Beau.

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The Line Teaser 3.1

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